Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Word Work

I have several different choices for our Word Work rotation.

They must do either Cube Roll or Trace and Write.

Then they may choose either Word Family sheet (I actually have three different sheets that I rotate)
Another is Making Words. I choose a theme related word and the children get letters and fill out some paperwork.

I created cards to hang in a mini pocket chart. That way I can rotate their options.

After they complete their "must do" choices, they can choose from the other choices:
*bottle caps
*magnetic letters
After they create the words, I have them take a photo.

Their choices for the week are the Star Words or words from our word family.


Katie Smith said...

Do you use a school camera? kids camera? digital?

Kinderpond said...

I use one of my old digital cameras. I teach them to use it... er handle it. It does take some faith and patience :)
We practive taking photos so we don't get crazy ones lol


Katie Smith said...

That is a great idea and motivator and self checker! i love it! Do you use it often? do you print them later?

Teacher said...

The camera is always available for student work. I don't print them- but certainly could :) I just save them and sometimes upload them to the blog.

Katie Smith said...

well thank you for the idea! i am going to have to look around for my old camera!