Saturday, January 8, 2011


I often find awesome materials that my teaching friends (okay blogs that I stalk follow) find and either we don't have that store or my store doesn't have it anymore. Well today, while DH and I were at Michael's looking for Cricut cartridges, I found these at only $0.29!!

 I plan to use them as pointers after I get some dowels. We are doing penguins, so the penguin was perfect!!!! I also got a Cricut cartridge for $9.99!!!!!!!

I was sold with the frog on the cover. Turns out that there are two frogs included in this set!! I am really amazed at this set- it includes bugs, animals, birds, mushrooms, clothes, shoes, make-up related items, phone, iPod, and the nesting dolls. Very cool.

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Plants seeds of knowledge...for our future! said...

Great buys! The Paisley cart is wonderful! I have used it for several things. Once you get the layering figured out you are good to go. If you have not done much with layering you may want to watch some youtube videos. has some great instructional videos and ideas. Robyn is very talented.