Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's excitement

The new year will be bringing many changes.  I will be taking over a First Grade class.  Expect a ton of photos and new materials.

As part of my new years resolutions, I plan to write a comment on each and every page that I download information from, it is my way of thanking them for sharing their talents with student's around the globe.

I would hope that my followers would do the same.  I plan to map out our comments when we get to the story in our reading series, Me on the Map, so I hope you all will help out. :)

Our story for the week is "Did You See Chip?"

Our word families will be: ip/op/ar.  Check out this fabulous site for an awesome printable.

Our word wall words will be house, did, are, get, had.

We will continue our science unit on solids and liquids.

In math we are starting number scrolls.

In the after school program we are talking about penguins.

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