Sunday, February 28, 2016

Target Time

Target Time!!!  Here are things I just picked up at Target Dollar Spot.  I am on the lookout for some games, but mine hasn't put them out yet :( 

Seuss obsession 
I hang the bags up as decoration.

Felt spring stuff and cute clothes pins.

To use in tot school
and the tape and rabbits, well just because lol

Easter items.
Love the growing capsules.
Love pens :)

The pots are for garden unit over in Kinderpond Jr. Tot School
The duck and bunny erasers are for games :)

Metallic pencils for fun!

Getting ready for Easter- Paw Patrol style :)
Hat, sunglasses, towel, bag, and stickers.

Saw the frog cup on one trip, 
the rest was added later lol