Monday, May 15, 2017

Dollar Tree Kinderpond Style

Trying these for art :)

These were in our Easter bin.

Sensory bin filler.

The sand is for writing box.

Sports theme

fine motor activities

For the fairy tale unit


Someone posted finding jars of buttons, but this is all that I could find.
These owls are just plain cute!

Remember the box I shared HERE?
These fit  tissue paper squares perfectly.
I was thinking of using them for the book Elmer at the beginning of the year. 
there are 1500 so two packs should do the trick for one class lol

At first I thought it was the wrong case because there were small compartments, 
but those popped right out! 

Some kind of game.

 How do you store these?

Monday, May 8, 2017

Bug Game Kinderpond Style

I got these bugs from Learning Resources:
You can also find them on Amazon Learning Resources: Bugs

I really like this game.  It takes a bit of strategy.
You could make it last longer by saying you have to get every bug in every color.

Get your game on HERE!

Don't forget to use the code for a site wide sale and my additional discount in the