Monday, September 23, 2019

Target Haul for September

When you spot the erasers!! 
These were the fall ones, bummed that they 
didn't have the Halloween ones though.

They have all different journals:

Then got to the Halloween ones!!!!!!
Whoops, spoke too soon lol

All the erasers in all of their glory!
I buy two for me and two for my teaching bestie!

New socks for me and my little :)

New tableware for October

Here is an up close look at the erasers:

Multi colored stars, candy, and leaves

I sorted out the orange jack-o-lanterns out of the packs
and put them in one drawer.
Witch/cat/ghost and skull/headstone boo/Frankie and teal pumpkins

Mushrooms, pumpkins
owls and squirrels

Santa birds and cardinals