Monday, May 21, 2018

Dollar Tree Trip in May

for our ocean unit

Ice cream shop 

2018 unit *coming soon*

More ideas for better coloring 

found in the HBA section
the metals ones don't work as well

Tape- I'll let you know how it goes lol
Colorforms are for our restaurant kits 
Tape is for fine motor

Office Supplies section


****** check to make sure you have all the necessary pieces****
we didn't get V W X Y Z but got a double of another page

They are flexible and not hard plastic

These are for our homemade wiffle ball carnival game.

Carnival 2017     

Monday, May 7, 2018

Target and Dollar Tree Haul

Dollar Tree haul

Pointers,  spray bottle, flip-flops


square "glasses" for the light table

a frog bubble maker :)

seeds and gloves for our upcoming garden unit

Inflatable bird and tree

Avengers coloring book-
you can scan and it comes to life

Towel and shells for our stews.
Check them out, we love them!!!

Two trips to Target

Magnets and Cat in the hat

Transportation, cars, spring, birds, bugs, garden, and space

 Felt books
either for restaurant kits or theme

Ice cream window clings for our ice cream unit 

Food Felt book

Dino felt book and magnetic set

perfect for math centers!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Target, WalMart, and Dollar Tree, Oh! My!


bins- less than $1 a piece

Easter supplies for next year
Ice cube trays 

     Easter egg spinner, stamps and card game

Lacing cards

Felt sets (still on the search for the smores set though :( )

use for an ocean game

use during our ice cream unit
erasers, glasses, painting for light table

pointers for reading

Dollar Tree
*chair cover
*snakes and planets for light table
* flower lights for the light table
*mini jenga sets (stews and building)
* super glue
*shamrock lights for light table
*those tube things are science experiments
*non-fiction books

Reading pointers
3 boxes (normally they are 2 in a pack)
stews trays
packing tape

Sand Pail and Ribbons both for stews
cups and glasses were for our rain forest cafe
bungee cords
lantern... it lasted a day lol
squirt gun for toy chest

Monday, April 23, 2018

Marvelous May

Lots of fun things will be happening in the Kinderpond in May :)

We just finished our rain forest unit, we are continuing in learning about the Earth, then on to vets and pets and then insects :)

We love our moms though :)

Mother's Day Measurement

Monday, April 16, 2018

First Grade Writing

They were to write about something they were an expert at.

I am very good at training cats.  The trick is to not touch them.