Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Super Scents & Boo Boo's

A million years ago, before Pinterest (what??) I made these Super Scents. I think I found the idea from KinderKim

I printed mine on regular paper and used packing tape to attach. I'm thinking labels might work well too :)  Here is a copy for you to print out

I use Scento Markers on their papers and Super Scents on their hands. I put it on the hand that they DON'T write with because they are trying to smell and work at the same time.  Even my most sensory overloaded child loved them!!  I wasn't sure she would even be up for that, but I asked and sure enough- SUCCESS!!!

They never touch someone's mouth and no one has ever had a reaction.  There was some hub-bub in one of my groups and those who it was new to the concept were concerned. Many chimed in to try to clear up any misconceptions. 

I pick out one right away in the morning after they do morning work, I get another one.  I *might* have a lot... lol  Here is mine:
Y'all it is UGLY!!  Mine was made back in the dark ages lol

Here is a close up:
 The one I made for you all is so much prettier!

Anyways-- here is another idea that is on her Tips Page "Boo Boo Lotion".  As she says to get the lotion from hotels... ummm yeah, I don't go to hotels lol  So two ideas.  Get small little bottles from dollar store or get a huge bottle and then get empty little bottles in the travel section from HBA section in a store like WalMart or Target maybe even Dollar Tree.

Along the lines of boo boo's I have a Boo Boo binder.  I got the printables and have used it with kinder kids through 3/4th graders.

Here are the body parts on the inside cover: 
Here is my pencil pouch with tiny bandaids that fit on nothing lol
Here is one page... I'm not really sure what was going on-- like she forgot where she got hurt lol
Here was one that where they hurt their toe...
well no wonder why-- look at their nails!!!
 Here is the note we send home.
The best thing that I've added these to make it even more special.

I got all the printables from Kinder by Kim in her Jazzing Up Journals
I am working with Kim to get this on TPT, but until then check it out on Creative Teaching Press

(click on Jazzing up Journal cover)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Sometimes I *might* take a few photos... I always have my phone on me :)  I ask the students if I can  take a photo of their work because after all, it's their work.  BUT sometimes, they are so proud of their accomplishments they ask me to take a photo.  For some, it's no big deal, however, with some of the more shy students, they are a little leery.  It is the look or twinkle in their eye that makes me ask them if I should take a photo.

 We were doing iPads and this little froglet did this all on her own.  She is ELL (English Language Learner) This is a fabulous accomplishment for her and I was so excited for her.
This is part of our morning work.  This was a favorite of mine just because they had to write about a frog.  Their sentence was "Frogs are poison."

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


We flipped cards and covered our
Pocket Chart reading
 Mr Greg's unit

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Shares

During the year, I feel like I never have time during the school year and I'm not even teaching full time!! I take zillions of photos when I'm in a classroom.  The students all give permission for me to take photos and will find me when they want me to take a photo!!

So as you've noticed that I just share random photos from whatever we were doing.

I'm busy over at where we have Tot School for my 2 year old.

I will continue to share photos but I also wanted to see if you were on Periscope.  WHAT???  You don't know what Periscope is? It's like a video conference where teachers chat about all different sorts of things- from personal to showing off their classrooms!

So I'm on there-- I have yet to turn the camera on... I've not yet been given a "shout out" to share my 3 facts. *hides now*  I share when I'm in a Periscope and it's something that I might think you will find it interesting.

When you join in a session, you tap on the screen to "give hearts"  It's like showing that you had an "a-ha" moment or liked that thought. :) 

Periscope is connected with Twitter, so if you need to direct message me, you can do so there!

Periscope is relativity a new thing and teachers have recently taken it over and *might* have crashed it a few times.

As a side note- if I can't comment and only give hearts, I probably won't share to my followers.  And unless it is maybe a FF or a dollar store/spot Periscope, I probably won't even watch.  It's all about interacting with your followers. #realtalk!