Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hoppy Helpers

Classroom Jobs

I have jobs for every student in my classroom.  I change them weekly.

Here are the jobs I've had. It depends on how many students I have as to how many jobs I need.
*Teacher Assistant
*Garbage Great
*Room Inspector
*Math Marvel
*Weather Watcher
*Jr Botanist 
*Critter Keeper
* Energy Monitor
*Germinator (must say it like Arnold in the Terminator voice)
*Locker/Cubby Checker
*Mail Messenger
*Lunch Box Leader
*Gym Shoe Guide
*Schedule Changer
* Location Specialist
* Center Manager
*Table Washer
*Snack Helper (if it's a classroom provided snack, otherwise whoever brings snacks, passes them out)

Two very important workers have to do their jobs: Garbage Great and Room Inspector. Although, everyone helps clean up, these two have the final say. They get very protective especially when we have a TLC art project, and someone else gets the garbage can, when it is their job! I found out one year, that Garbage Great was a favorite job for many of the students. The Room Inspector makes sure all the chairs are stacked and the bean bags are neat, a general tidiness of the room.

*Math Marvel- they ask the question of the day.  We have a graph question of the day and they go around and ask the class and write the names down.  Thats the weird looking papers under the helper board. Later on, they can come up with their own questions.

I made my own but started with Jessica's which you can find HERE 

*Weather Watcher- looks outside and reports the weather.

*Jr Botanist takes care of our plants in the science center.

*Critter Keeper- takes care of the animals.  I've had guinea pigs. Makes sure they have water. I fill the container.  They give dry food and raw veggies and fruits.

* Energy Monitor- turns lights off and on

*Locker/Cubby Checker- makes sure there are no items left on the floor
*Mail Messenger- takes things to the office

*Lunch Box Leader- if we have a lot of lunch boxes, we don't usually though.

*Gym Shoe Guide  We have a bin for gym shoes if we have weird scheduling that we can't get back to the room to change our shoes.
*Schedule Changer  We have our schedule in a pocket chart.  This student flips the card over when we're done.  I just write what we have on index cards.  

* Location Specialist  We have a sign on our door that says "We've left the pad, we're _____."

* Center Manager Makes sure that the centers around the room are orderly.
*Greeter this person greets people at the door.  We came up with what to say, and it is on the back of the door.

I hope that explains what jobs I have and what they do.  Drop me a comment if you have a fabulous job or need something made more clear!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

At the Wal~Mart

Did you sing that like the song "At the Car Wash"  well if you didn't you are now!!

I stopped at my local WalMart and picked up a few things...

The kids love love love the Scentos markers.
I say or sing to them after I correct their papers,
"Smell on the way to your mailbox" 
I have been known to sing pretty much everything.
Which is totally fine for me, I love to sing.

tidbit- I've sung in church, for weddings, and funerals.
My mom plays the piano and I sing.
We are quite the pair!

Anyways!!  I bought the Scentos playdough and I am hoping that it smells.
I have bought  the bubbles, but they don't smell to me :/

 I bought some vinyl pockets so I can see what activity I put in there.

I bought those orange, green, pink, blue bins for cuteness, but I am sure I can come up with more exciting things soon!  What would you like to see?

Lastly, I bought the Crayola crayons as welcome gifts.
Still on the hunt for a few more though!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Target's Dollar Spot Strikes again!!!!!!!!!

Pencil Clothes Pins United States Map Finding Dory Tattoos Label Holders-long and short
Sandwich Bags- 4 colors!!!
Fork and Spoon Set
More colored clothes pins

Alphabet Seuss style
Name Plates Seuss Style
Large Board

Snap Numbers

I found everything in the Dollar Spot except the colored sandwich bags

Here are the pockets for the Target bins.
 The felt map with landmarks to be added.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Shopping at Dollar Tree

I went shopping!!!!  Starting left side:
Red White and Blue glow wand
Monster Math Game
Fruit and Number game (think dominoes)
3 recycling bins
Purple baskets, well because purple is my favorite color
Magnetic board erasers: fish and pencil
Lacing Cards: fruit, farm, animals, and sea life
Football tray and smaller football bowls
Cookie cutters
Frog and Ladybug flyswatters

Now why I needed those things:

Red White and Blue glow wand

Going to use for 4th of July

Monster Math Game

Fruit and Number game (think dominoes)
We will be doing Nutrition in Tot School

3 recycling bins
Because I wanted to do this activity!!

Purple baskets, well because purple is my favorite color
enough said... plus they are going into a purple bin!

Magnetic board erasers: fish and pencil
Because they are so cute!!!

Lacing Cards: fruit, farm, animals, and sea life

We will cover those in Tot School

Football tray and smaller football bowls
We did Football in Tot School this year maybe too?

Cookie cutters
For making, well cookies, but also play dough and maybe sandwiches?

Frog and Ladybug flyswatters
for read the room, swat the word

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Reading group

We used this product:

Reading Intervention Binder

We read through them all together then I went around the table listening to them each. The first one read the top one and the next person read the second one and so on. I did four rounds so they each  read each line and didn't just repeat what they just heard :)

Friday, April 22, 2016