Monday, September 17, 2018

New shopping spot! Plus DT and Stews!!

I stopped at a new shopping spot,
Family Dollar

Let's check out the goodies I got:

These colorful spoons are for Stews (link at the bottom)

mini erasers for stews (link at the bottom)

people- what happens to the people?!?!?

smelly markers, these are small, golf pencil size
because everything is better with smelly markers lol

On to Dollar Tree
I took this photo, mid-September....

creepy crawlers for the light table

pencil grips

snowflakes for stews (link at the bottom)

 window clings

chair covers

bucket for stews (link at the bottom)

more items for stews (link at the bottom)

green cord- for vines and green beans
yellow-orange flowers for stews
orange and black pumpkins for stews
(I am painting the black ones green, for.... stews lol)

I need corn for stews... grabbed some clay and dough.
I was hoping for like Model Magic, for the corn, but alas just regular
Play-Doh... grrrrr

Thanksgiving window clings

OMG!  have you hopped aboard the STEWS train yet?
We just love them! 

Here is the song you sing it too

Stay tuned for a stews post.  
To see exactly how I made it.

This isn't a sponsored post, although I am always willing if it would fit within what my readers need :)

Monday, September 10, 2018

Halloween from Dollar Tree

I used the skeleton arms for a relay race.
pumpkin and teeth 10 frames

building bricks and baseplates!!!

this is what I grabbed:
oh the little blue bags were for a baseplate and LEGO cards for a gift
the construction cones are for our construction birthday party 

here is a breakdown:

because I really never know where the people go?!?!
building kits


look, feel and work like LEGOS

eyes for guided reading

I was thinking mystery walker?

ten frames (already have the pumpkins)

I really needed just the key chain pieces 
 the TMNT were just a bonus lol

More teacher gifts

I had my son's teacher fill out some paperwork and said that she loved flairs!
Well duh!! I grabbed these on clearance *shhhh*

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Target Trip: Halloween


Y'all it wouldn't fit in one photo lol

I should learn not to number so many things, like my trips to Target lol

Felt sets
there was an artist palette,
it wasn't that exciting lol
we've mastered our colors already
great for younger ones though!!

Teacher gifts
grab a label HERE
I put them all on one page and then printed :)

Halloween sticker books

Story Blocks
check back for a look inside the box and 
perhaps some printables to go along with them too!

oh yeah!!!! more mini erasers!!!!!
There is a post about them coming soon as well.
Make sure to email me at 
if you have any favorite resources or sources where you 
get mini erasers or tips you have

Until next time friends, hoppy teaching :)

Monday, August 20, 2018

Felt, Word Work... and socks????

A trip to Target!!

the alphabet will go on the metal oil drip pan for matching 

Stamps... wonder if they smell???

Omg- now they had Cat in the Hat scissors!!!!!

Dry erase board

For word work

pretty much lol

Super cute see-through letter stamps 

felt train station

crayon banner

felt stories

cool new pencils for the writing center

and socks...
because I literally don't own any plain ones lol

Plus I got some new graphics, so you know what that means!!!!???!!!

That I do more than shop! :)

New books for shared reading
New books for guided reading
New books for classbooks
New activities for pocket charts

Hop over to our store to check them out:

Saw a Crayon p/c              Saw a Crayon

Crayons I Saw            I Used a Crayon

Crayon Respect shared reading book

Guided Readers

On the street                On the street colors 

Donuts for Dad               Donuts for Me