Monday, February 17, 2020

Target Haul... #? February

Target Trip for February

Check my post here to see what I did with these: 

These are the back so you can see what's included.

These are felt books or activities.
I have no idea what those things are
but there was a frog, so duh!

Not too exciting of a book though,

Inside of the color book.

Garden felt set.

New play sets.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Target Haul

When you arrive at the store and phone a friend!!
I buy, well I try to get, 4 bags. Two for me and two for my friend.

This was my haul. I couldn't get it in a tight photo lol

Closer up

Close up

Monday, January 20, 2020

Dollar Tree Haul- Valentine's and More

These are so super bright!!
Compatible with LEGO blocks.

 They had one display of spring things out and after watching 
I had to pick these up before they were gone.

 I plan to use the clips with a counting game, that calls for clothes pins.
The bunnies and ducks, I thought would be great for some 
felt stories.

Writing Materials and Such
I will probably will use the Narwhal, sloth, unicorn, and lama as pointers.
The mini gel pens and the Frozen pencils for our writing center.
The pencils in the right corner are those scented pencils.
The tube is...are.... mini erasers!!

How adorable are the bacon, waffles and egg sticky notes??
I am thinking some math game?
Like dots, numeral, and word maybe?
Stamps, stickers and finger boards, because 
they are cute and there is a frog lol

Have any ideas for them?

I always miss these at Halloween time, and I think
I missed the big cauldron for St. Patty's stew,
will have to go back ;) 

Read and Write the room :)

Heart cube trays for a math game or letters game.

Sequin pillows and keychains for the calm down area.

Squishy toys for the calm down basket.

These were by the gnome candyland fairy area.
I thought it would be awesome in the blocks area.
Will let you know if it's messy or not.

I have been eyeing the Valentine cups from Starbucks,
but I am fearing the price...
so I am settling for these.

At my house we do the 14 days of love. 
The mason cup is for my 7 year old.

 Here are some other 14 Days of Love gifts,
plus gold coins is for our Chinese New Years sensory bin.
Paint easel, glitter slime, noise slime, and Transformers band-aids.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Hot Chocolate Party with Mug Gifts

This year we went back to school after winter break for one day. I am not starting anything new, so I decided to have a hot chocolate and pajama party instead.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (you're just a click away if you want to follow me :) you saw this photo:

So here are the details:

This is a perfect gift for your students.  We aren't celebrating Christmas, and I don't want any hurt feelings, so we will celebrate hot chocolate instead.

Every year, I buy plastic mugs from Oriental Trading when they clearance them out lol It doesn't really matter what the insert is because you take that part anyways.

Then I grabbed these Labels for personalized mugs:

Then I pick out kids that match my students!  The look on my kids faces are priceless. :)   There are tons of choices. This year I plan to take a photo with the kids holding their mugs next to their faces :) I missed that last year, so that's my tip to you :)

For the party part

I am going to heat up chocolate milk in my crockpot and add marshmallows, sprinkles, and whipped cream too!

Note to self: I tell the kids to take out the insert and NOT wash it.  Even when it's laminated, it won't make it through the wash. I learned the hard way.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Target Trip Number....

Here is my trip to Target... lost count lol

We use these pointers, they light up.

the shapes are great for morning work 
keep the boxes for saltbox writing.

These were used in the blocks area.
I saved the animals for the new year.

These are going in our calm down basket.

Ahhhhhh!  Teachers love our mini erasers.
See more here