Monday, March 12, 2018

St Patrick's Day Unit and Centers

Here are some of the materials we will use this month in Kinderpond:

Shared Reading Books

             Shamrock Hearts               Leprechaun People (Hardest)

                 Pots of Gold                     Leprechaun Hats( easiest)

Review any skill

For a chance to win one of these, please leave a comment and I will choose a winner!
As always, if you use in your room and tag me on social media, you are entered in the monthly drawing!

You can use:

Monday, March 5, 2018

Spring Shopping Trips

I can't get it all in on photo lol

Easter Basket:
tic tac toe
candy markers

Seuss time!!!!

Science during dino unit
and a monster one

Stews bowl and window clings  

Shrink art
 space journal
and... band-aids lol

Sticker books
window gels

Easter gifts


Magnetic games for appointments

Carrot 3D erasers for stews 
Washi Tape
Gel crayons

Bricks people (treasure box)
bunny bowling

cookie cutter
more Easter gifts

blue/purple slime
bunny ears cup

Bunny pointers

New eraser sets
200 count $3

I am using some of the smaller items for the Rabbit Report

Monday, February 26, 2018

Author Studies: Seuss

We do tons of author studies in 1st & 2nd grade. It started with our Seuss Study and it just spiraled from there lol

We go all out for Seuss!!

One year we decorated a separate room.  My mother is also a teacher at my school. She had been our reading specialist, but now teaches 2nd grade.  It used to be that teachers would sign up for time slots to have their classes visit  our very own Seussville.  We would read a book or share some facts.  We've given out birthday cake, cookies, cupcakes, but we always give out bookmarks.  They ask you to name your top three books.  Oh I forgot to mention, I dress up at the Cat in the Hat. ;)
You see all the books on the floor?  They usually go around our room.  I have collected almost all of his books.

So I took book covers of all of the books we own put Seuss Cat in the Hat hats under them.  The children get a black and white copy of the book sheets.  When children read that book, they color in the hat.

Then there is this recording sheet.  We record the date, book title, favorite part and then the "hat" rating system.  As a class we decide what each "hat" means.

Rating System in this case hats.  Here is an example:

1 hat- means the book was okay and I would only tell one friend about it.
2 hats- means it was good and I would only tell a couple of people about it
3 hats- means it was amazing and I want to tell everyone I know!!

We made an anchor chart with hats for display.

Currently, we cannot make copies in our building, so I just, display this one as a guide the first few days, and the kids record in their Daily Five journals.  I do have copies made for the  books read pages though :)  

Other Author Studies to come:

*Mo Willems
*Marc Brown

Which other author studies do you do? Leave me a comment or message me and perhaps I will make that one next :)

Monday, February 19, 2018

Shopping: Target and Dollar Tree

Fingers for reading group pointers
Space set for our Space Unit

Dollar Tree books: Search & Smile

Dino finger lights (Target)
Black sand for construction unit

2 min timer +/- 12 seconds lol

I really need to do some product testing!