Sunday, March 24, 2019

Spring at Target

It's spring....... at Target :)

Writing center

*stamps small group patterning
*Egg & Bead colors

I picked the band aids with the most in. 
There were other packs for the same money, but less band aids.

These are going in the Easter basket.

The notebook, is more of an activity book than a coloring book.
The water fizzer- place in water to reveal a toy inside and a frog towel.

Totally using this during our social skills lessons.

The bunny is for an Easter basket, 
but the frog is perhaps going into our traveling pet bag.

These will be in a toy test, I will let you know how they work.

I am thinking of using the bag and frog as a take home bag....
not sure yet, it's so darn cute! 
Frog floam, they had other colors and shapes, but I'm all about the frog lol
and a super cute frog dancer. 

More for the Easter basket.

Hat was in the 70% off part
and the socks... more for the Easter basket.

 Here are some wood toys for the blocks center.

The rocks were 70% off too.
Bingo game for a center and the red thing is a prank- however, I didn't want to try it in the store... 
which I should have, because it didn't work :( taking it back.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Finally a trip to Target!

I finally hopped over to Target!!! Shhhhhh! Don't tell my hubby!  I was checking out and the cash register started "loading" like it got a message from my hubby, to not let me shop lol

Those were the shelves, but this is what I got:

These will go into our calm down area, because who wouldn't like to smoosh poop?!?!

Here are some fabric/felt play sets:

Ice cream set

Apron and oven mit

a tools set and bench

Cooktop and tools

More tools

Garden set

body organs
This will go into our science center when we do all about our bodies

Puppet boards
Forest Animals, Princess, Dinosaurs

For these, I tell a story to introduce the puppets and then the kids make up their own stories.

I will post a different day about the games and what's inside.

I use these in my transportation unit.  We have races using these and yardsticks.

Just in time for Seuss!
Stampers, pencil pouch, pencils, stickers

Seuss decorations

Photo props

Carpet Games (I was thinking indoor recess)
I didn't get these though :)

Can't wait to try these out!
robot and community helpers

I was thinking of adding these to my water table....

When we do our color study

 When we do this for our plants/gardening unit.

These are for read around the room and now Target has a prank section currently
but these fingers are for pointers in reading. 

Here are some large bags!!!!!!!!!
Yes there are two construction ones... whoops! That will be returned :)

I knew my son had a loose tooth.... I didn't have this pillow in time lol
Now we're safe :)

I grabbed these because Dollar Tree didn't carry pink ones.

More felt pieces,
I hand out the pieces to the students and tell a story.

Felt board stories


Fairy Tales



Here are some cards, yes I grabbed two sets,
one for me and one for my teaching bestie!

We will tell our story verbally and her first graders will be able to write them down.