Monday, November 20, 2017

Things have been so crazy!

Things have been so crazy, I hope this post makes up for it a bit!  

If you follow me on Instagram or Kinderpond Jr. you saw all these bags!!!

Here is almost everything lol

Yes we go from Peppa Pig to Transformers lol
They are grab bags and then the chalk stencils.
The Planes thing is a scissors.

Here are the Christmas stuff-
I will have to go back though lol

Bows, window clings
stampers (stay tuned for a recording sheet)

These are scenes.  I plan to laminate to reuse.

These are sticker scenes-
I laminate these things too lol

We are loving PJ Masks too :)

Regular stuff:
clothes pins
2018 calendar
Sheet protectors
Hair brush
Plastic flags (pretty sturdy)
Square Velcro
Clear packing tape
Emoji tape
sewing kit
hair ties
oh and a tray :)

I blame The Purple Alphabet for these:
After she posts a video, I take screen shots and use those when I go shopping lol

This tool box- it now contains *some* of our many many band-aids
Shells- because I no longer live near the ocean :(

A clipboard
Yellow Shreds for cheese in dramatic play cheese shaker
restaurant order pad
the black thing is a chalkboard because I can't find a mini clipboard

These are supposed to be like LEGOS.
I will let you know :)

These are in the art section.

These are FABULOUS!!!!!!
You know that expensive high lighting tape from the teacher store?

Well this is the same thing!!! but better, because it's only a $1
The light switch is also for guided reading.
Turn it on when you are working, so other students will *not* interrupt.

These are pretty nice trucks.  Sturdy plastic about the size of my hand.

I always have questions about where to find things for the light table.
I couldn't find them anywhere at my Dollar Tree.

I found this end cap, so it's won't be there always.

I was looking by the wraps and bags every time.
I needed to look by the partyware-
the tablecloths, forks, spoons, knives instead!

I grabbed a 3 part container there, you know for a $1... 
and it was bigger then the one at WalMart for more lol

Look closely in that 3 part container-
there are small square containers maybe 12?
and small stackable dishes

I got two sorting trays (red and clear)
and then an egg dish- I am thinking mixing colors?

Report covers because I can't find the ones everyone else is finding!

This was bought at WalMart,
before I found the real thing at Dollar Tree.

I think things have finally calmed down a bit and will be blogging more.

I post weekly over at Kinderpond Jr. Tot School 
with lesson plans and our week in review.

Monday, November 13, 2017

November in Kinderpond

This month in the Kinderpond we will be using these during our center time:

I bind these books on the bottom, so when I read them, I can flip them forward onto my lap.

For a chance to win one of these, please leave a comment and I will choose a winner!
As always, if you use in your room and tag me on social media, you are entered in the monthly drawing!

You can use:

Monday, September 4, 2017

Shopping Trip #ihavenoclue

Here are the things I got on Clearance at Target.

 These things came from Dollar Tree
5 Little Monkeys
Rubber Ducks
Candy Matching Game
a timer (my son picked it lol)
Light Blue and Pink Water Beads
Metal Spray bottles (don't bother- they worked about 5-10 mins)

Some of the new Halloween things at Target.

grow things, 
excavation toy, 
wing up toys, 
spring toys
lacing toys

Monday, August 21, 2017

Color frogs Laura Kelly Style

Using my ultra-fabulous frog die from the talented Laura Kelly Designs, I bring you

Color Frogs!

This literally took me less than 5 minutes from start to finish.
If I had to print out the sentences and then cut them out... this is 
Super quick- it's what we all need!

Look everyone!!!  You can finally use that white crayon!
I am stoked about this!!!!

I was thinking that you could keep them together OR
have the color word separate.

For the first time, I might have the color frog over the top of the color word.

As a Laura Kelly Design Team member, I was given the tools to make this and many more products. Every idea posted and created to be showcased here are all my own.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Frog-tastic Labels

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen these in various stages of creation. 

One may have had a poop emoji lol

After some help, I added months-  what else could you use??? 
Leave a comment, send a message, smoke signal?!

In action. This is so far.  
Looks great!!!
organized, uniform, works. :) 

reality sets in... 
right next to my orderliness is this hot mess!
Keepin' it real people.

Especially with today's Pinterest Perfect classrooms.
So much is not shown.
This is real life, everyone has it, even if they don't show it!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Directed Drawings in Kinderpond

A million years ago, I bought this book from Scholastic

I copied every page in this book:

I cut off the bottom page and I glued the actual step by step part onto red/yellow/or green construction paper and laminated them.

During morning work, I would pick a card and we would draw them together.  It is a surprise what I draw.  So they try to guess.  One summer while teaching 3/4/5 ELL (English Language Learners) I would draw a circle and a girl would yell out "rock"  This happens daily, after a while, we just waited until she yelled it out ;)

I also have used Fine Motor from K-Crew too.  They use a whole file folder. We still use those too lol

Now  added to the collection with these:

We needed a filler in 5th grade.  They loved them!