Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's Spring... I think!

So on April 1st, it snowed here... no joke!
We need to think warmer thoughts!!!

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Here are some of the items I use this month.

Check out my unit Spring Has Sprung

The students can't get enough of these games!

This version is all about money. 
 They are labeled with amounts and the children 
need to say what coins to use.

Ex. $0.23 students will say 2 dimes and 3 pennies
(try to stress that they need to use the largest coins possible.)

Bunny Hop- matching cards

Rabbits matching cards.

Singing in the Rain matching cards

This easy game, where the children roll a number cube
and count that many carrots.
To make it more difficult,
I add more game boards :}
Flower Cube Roll

I include a matching cube for the children
to roll and graph which flower they get.
You could play that they can roll 10 times and stop or
I have them roll until two rows are filled up.

There is a second sheet is where they total up their rolls and
then they have to add them together.

Flower Shake Up
Yes I have two versions going with different themes.

This version is all about solids and liquids.
We just finished up our unit on them.
I label the bottom with an "S" or "L"
Children must name a solid or liquid.

Dust Bunny measuring

Monday, February 10, 2014

ABC themed assessments

I created this themed ABC's assessment fun pack.

Who says all assessments must be boring and fill in plain boxes??

Click on the photo to take you to my store

I have included 12 different choices to use throughout the entire year. 
Children write a letter of the alphabet in each graphic. Included are:

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Early Finishers

I found this post:

and her product: Monthly Task Cards

But those are a bit more advanced than the children I work with, so I created these for the rest of us.
Here is an example:

 Task Cards

Click on the photo to see the listing.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Word Work

I just created a new item for my word work center. It uses words from Harcourt's Trophies. I used Donna Glynn's Mystery Words sheet and made my own sheets for my students. At the bottom of every page, I ask the students to create two for a friend. Here is my dilemma- how do my students know which ones to do? I was thinking getting something like this:

I will make a label for "All Done, please check" and "Friends, please finish me."
 Here is a sample page of my Word Work unit. Stay tuned for the whole unit.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shake Up

I have shakers, well two different varieties of shakers.  One kind are filled with something and in a container.  The other is made from egg cartons.  When I first started making these, I made them out of necessity- the only egg cartons I had, had openings in the top and the pom poms kept flying out!!!

I use them for so many things:

*Shapes review or identify.
*Identify numbers
*Identify letters
*Identify money or write amounts and students must make that amount using coins or dry erase boards
*Review word families- land in one spot, write or say a word from that word family
*Name something a particular color
*Place value- add 2 or 3 manips. child reads or records number (biggest or smallest)

*Really anything you need to review.

The list is infinite!!!!

To "play"

Program your egg carton with your skill.  Use a small manipulative such as corn, eraser, pom pom. So you don't have a zillion cartons, you could use garage sale dots instead of writing on the inside of the carton.

So put in your manip. and close carton.  Shake. Open carton. Where ever your manip. lands in, is the question.

Here they all are: (Well those that are made lol )

St. Patty's Shake Up-mini shamrock eraser
Bunny Shake Up- carrot eraser
Flower Shake Up flower
Spooky Shake Up spider toy
Bear Shake Up counting bear
Cocoa Shake Up- use with Polar Express small marshmallow
Penguin Shake Up penguin eraser
Snowflake Shake Up- snowflake- I cut apart snowflake garland
Snowman Shake Up snowman eraser
Gingerbread Shake Up gingerbread eraser

Themes I have used: (I will have these available soon too)

apple- uses apple seeds
band aid- toy bandaid
bone-mini dog bone
CC123-brown pom pom
crayon- crayon shaped button
Dental/Teeth (dental facts along with healthy/unhealthy foods) tooth (not real)
elephant- peanut
eraser- pencil top erasers
fishing- toy fish
frog/fly- toy fly :)
ice cream- mini eraser
lemonade- freezer lemon piece
movie- I use a shiny button to resemble a DVD
ocean-levels, animals sea life toy
pirate- tiny black ball (cannonball)
pizza-teeny tiny piece of pizza (was a Barbie toy)
valentine- conversation heart


A fabulous place to get small trinkets is a cake decorating shop!

Please take a photo of your class using one and I will send you another one for free :)