Monday, January 29, 2018

Target and Dollar Tree Haul

Target and Dollar Tree Haul

Dollar Tree

Check out these stamps!
I will let you know when I bring out our creation station
how they are.

Stars for space.
Paint palettes
and... my 5 year old wanted glue lol

I will be making some games using these.
Plus we use them on the light table.

Easter decorations.

Red stacking cups for Seuss. 

Pink and white for our sensory bin.

Here are the new beads that I plan to use for my sensory bottle.

Target Haul

Bugs... because they are cute lol
mini books for creation station

Shrinky Dinks!!!!!!!!
Space and yummy foods!

Message board 

game maybe for a zoo unit

There are a couple of other games in this series.
Sweet Treats

Monday, January 22, 2018

What's in the box: Light Table

I have this Light Box from Amazon:

Here is the "box":

In action:
I laminated die cut hearts and wrote with a Sharpie.
The hearts are from Dollar Tree.

These are see-through letters-
I needed my Pampered Chef nylon knife to separate them lol

Glass marbles and plastic jewels Dollar Tree.

Blue, white, clear, and frosted glass beads
Red and clear marbles

Cup building

Here are the shapes I made from Dollar Tree
binder dividers

Red, green, white glass beads sort.
Green and red sticks WalMart
I covered the bottom with those binder dividers.

Glass beads and some plastic ones too. 

Ice cubes from Dollar Tree

All from Dollar Tree

plastic jewels, two sizes
Clear pink and red hearts
Pill containers to sort pony beads
Clear jumping frogs game (has purple pond)
Fruit ice cubes

We did Summer Fruits last summer... they would have been perfect to sort lol 

These are the bigger jewels from above photo red bag.

Pill Container above in yellow bag
I wrote the color words backwards on the bottom to sort pony beads.

Clear and green glass marbles
Red/green/clear sticks

Bingo chips

Sorting trays

These would be fun if we dropped water to see volume.

The top one was from WalMart.
Bottom one was from Dollar Tree.

I got these a million years ago from Dollar Tree.
I have seen them at Walmart in the pet section- but they are really expensive!

More sorting from Dollar Tree

*small square dishes

I drew shapes and names on old transparencies 

The dino will look awesome after painted.
The bag is the shapes from those dividers.
Stirrers and see through frogs ;)
mini-cars are from Target in Bullseye Playground.
Then the cups... all the cups all from Dollar Tree

I have to find yellow glass beads though!

More see through frogs :)

flat- 3D shapes to match

Overhead coins and pattern blocks 
jars are from Target Bullseye's Playground.
See next photo for the top of the jar.

Light Table Food idea from Play to Learn Preschool 
email or message me on Facebook for an exclusive freebie for this activity.

So what else am I missing???  I almost forgot the ice cubes... because they were in my son's backpack lol

Please hop down to leave me a comment of your favorite things for your light table or light box.

Hoppy teaching!!