Monday, June 25, 2018

We're Camping in Tot School

Check out this cute little printable 

I slid it into a pocket protector.

I added that blue sticky-tac on the back of the numbers.

So when you say/ change the numbers, they can stick :)

Monday, June 18, 2018

Showcase: Ice Cream

So not only did I create some new items... I also posted them too!  
Which means that I also have things I've made, that I haven't posted either lol
It's all about balance lol

These shared reading books each have a response page to create your own class book.
I print the book and add to our class library.
Then I print the cover again and then a response page for my class.
I bind and add to our class library.
At the end of the year, I have heard that teachers "raffle" away the class books and each child gets their own.. well in our case, several.  I try making at least a book a week.

this book has the ice cream flavors

 this book just uses color words for the ice cream

Or grab the bundle HERE of both ice cream books

During our unit study of ice cream, we have to do science of course!

We start out our science learning with words that describe ice cream.

We are going to make ice cream two different ways and then create 
a Venn diagram to compare the ways you used.

We are going to make ice cream in a bag, these are the directions we used.

We also have these:

**Remember that if you use in your room and post a photo to social media, and tag me in it, you could win free products**

Monday, June 11, 2018

Dollar Tree Stop

I didn't take a photo of the green and pink things-
they are chapstick in which you push up. :)

2 boards and two markers in each pack

Sorting for the light table

stars for the light table

Writing center

"toy" test--
Well I was so sad that the purple one was pretty much a dud :(
The yellow and blue were fine
they wrote in black though- not a fan, I need my colors lol

The flamingos  just wrote in black too, good thing we're using them pointers :)

I needed new pens and high-lighters for the book study
check it out HERE!!!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Target Haul June :)

 I am so happy with this haul!!

Oh- the blue things- for our camping adventure. Vest and hat
4th of July socks, hat, and a pointer

Tape and more band-aids lol

Pointers for ice cream week, summer, beach?

I feel some sort of story coming on lol

How cool do these look?
I sense a toy test coming on lol 

Woohoo!!  Found the elusive "Tell me a Story" cards!!
One for me and one for a teaching bestie!

Pointers for reading group.
One set for me and one for a teaching bestie!


I am so excited to find these!!!
I am still on the look out for the camping fire for our camping unit.