Monday, January 23, 2017

Target Time!!!!!!

The WHOLE shebang!!!
well most of it, the last photo wasn't in this one.
I had to move quickly before anyone came into the living room lol

Here is a breakdown:

Felt letters, numbers, shapes, math game

Wall decals
felt dino banner- I am thinking of cutting it apart
wooden food 

Tape for a valentine's project.
Cute fortune cookies

Felt books and wooden puzzle

We might have  Paw Patrol fan :)
(not in the Dollar Spot, but back by the holiday stuff)

Treasure Box puzzles

 Here are some pointers for this month... well February.

We love these :)

I have no idea what I'm going to do with these, but so cute!

We are going to do 14 days of LOVE at home.
Each day we will add something to the teal green envelope (in the middle)
One day Froglet gets a plate, next day set of fork and spoon.
Followed by those glasses, socks-
notice there are only 11, I will add the Paw Patrol set, stickers, capsules, anything really it doesn't have to be just the specific hearts or dedicated valentine's items,
use anything. For example we aren't doing ocean anytime soon, so that's perfect.
It will be new when it is ocean theme.