Friday, September 17, 2010

Our science logs

Here is our science log home.

Here are the science logs. My friend Danielle made us the cover using my friend Ashley's graphics. Thanks so much to both of you! The kids love them!
I have now labeled the drawers, more so that I can find the notebooks! I am still trying to figure out a quicker way to get these out. Perhaps, I will have a student helper pass them out.

Our First week of the ASP

In September we will be talking about being scientists. We really want all of the children to see themselves as scientists. We watched a PowerPoint twice. The first time just to get info then the second time to see what tools and safety items they used. The K-1 children listened to the book What Do Scientists Do by Deanna Jump. The 2-5th graders helped read the book:

we made copies of the left side pages and then just had the kids read the sheets.

(pictures to follow)

I am hoping to borrow a teacher's lab coat to make our first, of many, class books. This week, we talked about being safe. We all signed a contract about being safe. We even got a science log.Inside the front cover, we have science expectations. The first time we used our logs, we talked about tools. I gave the K-1 a typed list of tools and they illustrated the words. The 2-5 graders had to come up with their own and illustrate them.

We have the kindergartners practice their names each and every day.