Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get splashed from the Ocean at the Kinderpond

Sea Turtles from TLC
Two different versions of the beach scene from my Multi-aged room. The top one is 3D.

Ocean resist- also from TLC. We created all of the creatures with paper, so as a culmination art activity, we drew them with crayons and water colored over the top. I think I used some blue food coloring and water. :)

We made an ocean graph with pictures from TLC - I think lol!

Mail Truck

During February, we talk about not only Valentine's Day, but to go along with that, we talk about the mail. This came from TLC.

Space Rocket

Another quickie space project from TLC
During our small space study, we made this astronaut graph. I think the picture came from TLC Art book.

Easter Eggs

We made Easter egg glyphs.