Friday, March 29, 2013

Grand Opening!

I finally have my own Teacher's Pay Teacher store!!!

I have been very busy creating new items and testing them with my students.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Work

I know that "everyone" celebrated the Good Doctor's birthday last week, but I celebrate him all month long.  Last year, the class and I dressed up each day for March!

Here is one of two Red Stripe Shakers that is available to my students:

Here is another version of it. Red Stripe Hat 
I used different graphics, well because I love the Dr!!!

Here is a Winter themed shaker.  The graphics are from Lettering Delights.

One of the math choices that I have: 
I will glue the cover to the outside of an envelope and all of the other pieces will go inside.

We have had some "love" themed roll and cover games and now we will move on to St. Patrick's day and yes still winter roll and cover games.
I know it is tiny, but in the upper hand corner,
I drew a person or two and dice.
Some of my children would just randomly grab a dice holder,
well some of the dice holders have 1, 2, or 3 dice!
So if they can play by themselves, there is only one person and 
two people if they can play with a partner. 
Then I drew the number of dice they needed.

There are calendar numbers, but I just want them to put the numbers in correct order.

Since we are expecting yet another snow storm we will also use 
this Winter Shaker

Sunday, March 3, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

These spinners have been a big hit this year!  Although with my Valentine one, a young man in kindergarten got  red marker all over his nose that I not only sent him to the bathroom once, but twice to clean it off!
I try to coordinate the colors with the spinner, so this one will be a green... wait for it.... Vis a Vis!!! The students have been enthralled with them.  We don't use overheads anymore at my school.

When I make these matching cards,  I cut off the excess and the top, then I use a marker and make squiggly lines on the back for easy replacement when one of my froglets looses a card.
On the bag, I write with that color and the name.  (Don't do it the other way, like I did for my teeth one.  I did color and then name- so one, and only one said Green Teeth!  whoops, so the other ones said Teeth Red)

For these non-standard sheets, I have the answer sheets in either a laminated envelope or a plastic one.
The children take a sheet that they need and measure away.  I always leave a little tub by the sheets in case they can't find the item to measure

You can either use gold coins or beans or shamrock erasers!

Stay tuned for photos of these in action!