Monday, April 24, 2017

I hopped to the Dollar Tree

Here are all the goodies I just got:

Here is the breakdown of what I got and for what:

The crazy straws: we are using for fine motor work and adding pony beads.
The purple box is for the tissue paper from my last trip- which I didn't blog about yet lol**
Foam sheets not quite 8x11 though
And gel for gel bags**

My mom wears her lanyard with her key and ID like a good staff member should.
It however, wrecks her dresses :(

Also, that graduation frame??  I take a class photo and all the kids sign around it.

I saw a post, maybe on Instagram about labeling the egg tray with numbers/words/dots and having the kids match eggs with them.

The Mini Jenga blocks.  I was thinking for morning bins- either sight words or math problems.
 Science boxes- making the /s/ word that I don't like lol
The green trays are for sorting maybe?

In second grade, they work on speech bubbles, so I got these to laminate and use for student work display of their work.

Golf Balls- maybe for art marble paint, maybe for motion?
Snakes and Ladders for morning work.
Toy Story Book- for Wild West unit coming up.

There are foil letters and foam letters for tactile learners.
I plan to glue/attach them to index cards.

The black bags are for my version of my friends "Star Search" during a space unit.**
The strawberry thing is supposed to be for tea, but it was so cute, I added it to our kitchen center.
Little flashlights because I can't find the ones I bought last year lol
Oh the alarm? that's for my 4 year old escape artist lol
The tan pieces are so you don't scratch your floor
White: hook and loop aka Vel-Cro

**Will blog about these more soon!

Tissue Paper
Star Search
Gel Bags

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mother's Day

I am honored and privileged to be part of the Laura Kelly Design Team this year.

I got this super cute hot chocolate set. Perfect for the winter months.

However, it is "spring" here... and we may or may not get snow again lol

But!!!!   Check out what I did to change it up for mother's day!!!

I am planning on having the kids decorate the cups and then glue them to some cards.

I *must* remember to 'train the troops' and only have them glue around the outside so that the flowers can be removed and...

See I wrote things on the stems of the flowers???

I would brainstorm with my class as to what we could write.

The non-writers will love it, because they don't have to write complete sentences lol

I really love these heart flowers and my students will do a much better job with designing their flowers and making them perfect for their moms.

Check back in May for photos of their finished products!

**As part of the Laura Kelly Design team, I was given a machine and the die cuts**
I however, without the use of Pinterest, came up with the ideas all on my own ;)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Review: 7 Simple Standards

From time to time, I am offered materials, games, or in this case food, to review.

Do you think you have something that you need of reviewing that would 
benefit my readers??  Please drop me an email or send me a direct message on Facebook.

I was lucky enough to get to sample some amazing and yummy chips.  

We were given six regular bags of yumminess and

eight personal size bags 

These were super tasty and we enjoyed them all!

We really enjoyed sampling these tasty treats! Although, I did have to remove one of the bags from a fellow mom’s hand or she would have eaten the whole bag! They were super yummy and everyone kept coming back for more. Some had stronger flavors and some were muted. Someone did mention using a dip for the plain sea salt ones. Children and adults alike all enjoyed eating the chips! I might not have told the children they were good healthy choices for them! Shhh!

They are:
*Gluten-Free Certified, 
*Nut free (peanut & tree nut free)
Non-GMO Project Verified, 
Kosher Certified 

According to 7 Simple Standards they use clean ingredients, no added preservatives, zero grams trans fat, no artificial colors or flavors, gluten free, simple ingredients, and simply delicious.

I am a Moms Meet Ambassador and they sent my moms group chips to sample.  We were delighted to give them a try! 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Math Games

These are from Lakeshore, but how easy it would be to make at home!?!?!?

This too! Take any shape and BAM another game.

Puzzles are perfect for math!
(It was jammies day)

Roll and cover games a plenty.
Don't have these?  

Monday, March 27, 2017

Morning Work

Here are some of the morning work the kindergartners are working on instead of completing a morning worksheet.

Here they were given pink paper to cut hearts... can you tell which photo I took first??

Clip Cards with clothes pins.

Love Bugs

Empty candy container with letters underneath and add heart letters on top.

Color sorting with pony beads.

Apparently she only wanted to sort the red ones lol

Letters written on cardstock to be covered with plastic hearts from the Dollar Tree or
candy conversation hearts.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Name Ideas at Kinderpond

I try to do different things for our weekly names but that doesn't always work. So here are some great ideas that I use for practicing your child's name.

Here are some of my name ideas.
Most of them, I store them in a drawer together.
All of the papers at the bottom are now in sheet protectors. ;)

Idea #1:

Write/type your child's name across entire paper.  Have your child use magnetic letters.
I also have felt letters from Target that is great to change it up.

Also use puzzle pieces for added fun!

I grabbed some letter stickers, clothes pins, and a craft stick.
I wrote letters under where the clips go.
You could also swap out the craft stick for:
 *an index card
* construction paper

Don't want or have the stickers? Write the letters with a permanent marker.

The next few are paid resources but I really like them :)

Some of these ideas are adaptable for older children and learning the alphabet order.

I would give my students a baggie with their own letters and when they entered the room in the mornings, they would put the letters in order.

For the clothes pins idea, use a sentence strip.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kinderpond Visits Bullseye's Playground

Getting ready for Easter basket time!

Finally found the butterfly erasers!!!

Counters for something lol

Look closely... they have 4 colored bags!!!!

I needed these for Seuss week, they are multi-colored pipe cleaners.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Target: Bullseye's Playground

Apparently the Dollar Spot changed it's name to Bullseye's Playground! 

Here was my Seuss Haul:
We used the stampers for math and creating.
The erasers were added to our sensory bin.
The pen is for a pointer.

Here are:
magnetic games around the go-go gear art
Robot magnets, jar of superheroes felt board and...
band aids lol

Growing Capsules
Erasers lol
Those brown boxes are fossil and pirate kits
 Bunny Pointers

I use them as counters but also use these resources:

Monday, February 27, 2017

Pencil Graveyard

I attended a conference a million years ago and heard Kali Dakos speak.

She has a poem called 

"Pencil Graveyard"

I do this every year. Often older children will come back to visit to add their pencils to our headstone.

In my room, I hand out a brand new pencil as a trade.