Monday, August 26, 2019

Mini Erasers

Here are ahem *some* of my mini eraser collection.

I have been collecting them my entire teaching career- 20+ years!!

I have a ton of them.

I have bought them from Target in the party section- they are the big ones in the bottom drawers.
ehhh.. not my favorite 

Target's Dollar Spot aka Bullseye's Playground
they sell them in mesh bags with 60 of them for $1 :)

They sell them at Target, 5 Below, Party City, Oriental, Amazon.

This is how I store them. 

I take out a drawer and hand it to a child.  

I love love love mini erasers!!
These were $3 
There were 50 in each box. The package contains 4 boxes.

Random ones in Bullseye's Playground 

These are the mesh bags.  They are usually seasonal. 

 These were at Dollar Tree.

I will be publishing some stories to go along with these,
stay tuned!!


math counters
bingo markers
use on play dough mats instead of play dough

Working on fine motor (muscles) for better writing

Grab some printables here:

Here are some other ideas:

Monday, August 19, 2019

Fireflies or lightening bugs?

Fireflies or lightening bugs?   That is the question!!

I have been busy busy busy!

I introduce this book first to reinforce our color words and 
use repeated refrain to build fluency.  
Children love to hear the repetition of the repeated words.

Then to build even more excitement I bring out this next book.

I mean who doesn't want to star in a book???

So you write their names on the lines or have them write their names.
You could laminate the pages and then write with a Sharpie to use year after year.


During writing time, I bring out the final piece!!!

So now not only have we worked on color words,
the children have stared in their own book, 
now they can create a book!

I print off a second copy of the classbook cover.
I hand out the following page to all of the children.

They write their names on the line.
They write the color word on the second line and then color in the 
firefly they caught.

I would also print the last two pages of the classbook about catching and letting go the fireflies.