Monday, December 14, 2009


We created theme words for penguins.

K-1 grades: We labeled a giant penguin.

2-3We filled out a giant chart as a group. We learned about penguin facts such as: name, how they move, their height, how they live, who are the predators are, about their loves and babies, what they eat, and how much they weigh.

I created a large chart then made a smaller one for each of the children. This is a 2nd grader's paper. We did it together. The 4th-5th graders picked their own penguins and filled it in themselves.

Here was an art project for the K-1. It took two days to complete! This is how it began:

This is how it ended up:

On a teacher created penguin chart, we will measure each child against those heights of the penguins.

Create a penguin fact chart from the penguin books.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Battery Power

We used a small battery, some foam and a wire. This was a little difficult for us. The result was that the wire would spin. We got it to rock back and forth a little bit.

Color Motion

We used milk, food coloring, and dish soap.

Color Wheel

We made color wheels.

Pickle Power

Pickle Power: We were testing power using a pickle on foil. This is the beginning of the experiment.

Next we used a small battery, copper wire, and an "m" shaped paper clip on each side. Doing this caused the circle to move. One child did get it to rotate. :)
We learned that the power comes from the bottom of the battery :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kitchen Chemistry

We are going to investigate what science experiments we have in our kitchen this week.

These will be items that most of us have in our homes already.

We used lemon juice and food coloring to make these:


This week we talked about our 5 senses. We learned the song 5 Senses by Dr. Jean.

To conclude our senses unit, I created a Spin-a-Sense game. I made a large chart and listed all of the senses on the chart. The children spin the spinner and must tell me something that uses that sense, but you may not repeat, that is why I write what they say on the chart. :)

The older children 2-5 grades were going to be labeling parts of the eye, ear, nose, and hand. I created a sheet for them to complete each day. We have models of the eye and ear for them to
look at 3-D. Due to limited time - we had Elementastics on Wednesday, we were unable to do this :(

We made riddles instead. The K-1 children looked at a photo and gave three clues. Then decided which sense it should go under. For example, there was a photo of pizza and although we use most of our senses, we decided that tasting would be the best.

The 2-5 graders had to write down their three clues to see if anyone could guess what they were describing.
There are small pieces of tape on the squares to hold the game pieces in place on my pocket chart.

We used this chart to list things that used only, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 senses. I had wanted the children to label which sense they used but I wasn't the one doing the activity :(