Monday, July 15, 2019

June Dollar Tree mini haul

We stopped at Dollar Tree.

This is not the typical one I always stop at.... this one 
is way across town... next door to Target lol

We have three Dollar Tree's and a couple of
random dollar stores

I was thinking of having this set up in my room for the first day.
I will have it set up the day before the kids arrive.
Most of my students arrive to my school before me.

 I'm still wondering if I want to laminate them.... 
they are thinner tag, but then it will glare, so probably no laminating lol
I will have signs too that says first day of school and the year and such.

I finally found some of these... I think there are three total in the "set'
I have the "flakes" so I didn't grab the one pack they had.

Next I know there are two sets of these.
This one is shapes.  
They are sort of smaller than I thought though! 
About the size of a child's hand.

The other set has a FROG!!!!
So I'm still on the hunt for them of course!

Monday, July 8, 2019

June Target Mini Haul

You know it's time to start stalking Bullseye's Playground AKA 
Target's Dollar Spot.

I'm on the hunt for more erasers of course plus more, duh!

More flannel boards!!!
More foam bath toys

I plan to add these to our sensory bin during those units.

This will introduced when I open the science center: 

Perfect for fire safety in October or Community Helpers

During vet/pet theme

Well this would fit under a bakery shop or an ice cream shop :)

Monday, July 1, 2019

Unboxing Summer Kindergarten Crate

This was my first Kindergarten Crate Box:

Here are some photos of the un-boxing and at the bottom,
there's a video

Starting at the top left
Instruction page, mini ice cream erasers, Lip balm, sticky tac, planner stickers
sand writing box, note cards to go in the box, post it notes
sand for the box, wiggly eyes Flair pens and Mr Sketch markers

On the instruction sheet, it gives you what is included and then ideas. Plus sneak peaks for next months box.  I think I will wait until next box to give out grades lol