Monday, December 11, 2023

Kinderpond Shops: Magnetic Cubes

I found a great deal on these magnetic cubes.
They were $16.XX

Then I found the perfect way to use them HERE.

I plan to copy and laminate the book...
I will be using White-Out to fix the translation ;) 

Monday, November 27, 2023

Shop with Kinderpond

Shop with me! 

found some bonus 3 packs.
These make fabulous gifts!
Usually they are 2 packs.

I am going to paint these and personalize them for my co-teacher.

car freshener (they are a little strong) 

Sequins for sensory bottles

I needed a new purple pencil caddy.

Plus I found these adorable frog earmuffs!

Here are some pointers.
I take our the bottom pointy things!

felt garland from the Plus section

The game was at like a Bed Bath &Beyond (if they existed anymore lol)
so some home goods type store.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Made It Monday: Cookies

We made a quick stop at Dollar.25 Tree

Like 8:45 when it closes at 9pm.

I saw the cookie stickers and knew I needed them!

Then I saw the frog :) 

I cut random white cardstock up,
like from my scrap pile.
I will see if the kids can match the cookie letters to 
the 3D letters1

These were the inspiration!!

Monday, October 9, 2023

Naeir Trip #11

Stickers for journals and for our alphabet books.
I think there were 10 packs of stickers for $3.00
The bags of stickers were $1.50
The award cup stickers (I think about several hundred) for $1.50

Pen sets for gifts :)
Sticker price: $5.00 I paid $2.75

3D models, I paid $1.25 for each kit.

Library pockets for our journals to 
hold out name cards.
$4.75 listed price,
I paid $1.25

Mr. Sktech markers for birthday gifts
each bag was $3.25

metal confetti for sensory bottles
I paid $1.25 for 3 bags

Fun funky scissors
$2.25 for all!

Pens for the writing center
$2.25 for all the pens

Here's the breakdown:

Here are only some of my trips:


Monday, September 18, 2023

SmartGames Visits Kinderpond


Here are the games we got to try!  

From smallest to largest!

Turtle Tactics ages 5+

Next Up 4+ is perfect for my student's Dress Code

I plan to add to my writing center or just play centers. 

Finally, but certainly NOT least!!

Safari Park Jr.

This was such a fun game to play.

If I ever get the video up, I will circle back lol

I have tried four times and each time it goes kaput!!!

Here's their video:

SmartGames Safari Park Jr.

So here's part 1:

If I can ever get part two and the bestest game ever video 

plus an update with parents.  

I am not having luck getting the videos uploaded here, on YouTube, or on TikTok.

I will circle back with an update on my game library :)

Monday, August 28, 2023

Pens- all the pens testing

Kinderpond Rates

Erasable Pens I paid $7.90.  I found a code to use :)

All of these are from Dollar Tree

Some of these pens are for me, others are for the writing center :)


Monday, August 21, 2023

Naeir Haul Number 12

 Naeir Haul number 12!!!!!!!

If you haven't heard of Naeir, head over HERE to join. 

It's free for teachers/non-profits.

If you join, please feel free to use my code: 239969

Stickers for rewards and our letter books

I was thinking of this for a teacher gift.

Notepads and Pens Set
another teacher gift

Slime Kit $2.75
Seuss Tape

Novelty Pens

Seuss Stickers


Kids Scissors 
10 pairs for $5.00

Here are only some of my trips: