Monday, February 27, 2023

Dollar.25 Tree

 Hopping to Dollar-25 Tree

Items for the calm-down area:

Star pointers and I was thinking of a behavior incentive with the Potato Head

These were leftover Christmas gifts, I think.
Anyways, they open and have self-care goodies inside.

Smelley Markers and insect stickers.

Spatulas for our Stews.

Confetti is on the way left for sensory bottles.
Felt pieces for the children to make their own stories.

Here's what I'm keeping at home:

Monday, February 20, 2023

Valentine Clearance and MORE!

 I hopped over to my local Target to see their clearance! Bullseye's Playground was pretty bare but I did find some goodies! Some that I have been searching for since December! How do I know that? Because, I have a Target, Dollar Tree, and Five Below album to keep photos that I want to grab at those different stores.

Here is all of it:

These are those hopping toys- 
bunny, chick, and we're going with a frog!

There were some dino squishes.
There was a red one, but it looked super sad lol
it was deflated, so I passed.

I was looking for the left one since December.
Plus today they had an ocean-themed one!

I have seen people open those mystery bags
with those car steering wheel huggers-
this is perfect because there is no guessing
it's a frog!!!!!!!

This is a bubble wand that we are going to turn into a pointer.
I haven't got a plan for it except that I want it for a pointer.
Any suggestions?
What to put inside that isn't liquid?

I usually see these in Back to School but I will take them now!

Now on to the clearance!!

Pail and box 90% off
$0.10 for the pail and maybe $0.30 for the bin

Red and purple heat basket
$0.10 each

Pen will turn into a pointer for $0.20

Hot cocoa bunting $0.30

I think this is like a Valentine's card box-
I will use it during our color study.


Monday, February 13, 2023

Wishlists.... Why is the teacher asking for....

So items teachers ask for are pretty self-explanatory, like snack.  Parents totally get that, kids need to eat.  Sometimes that gets hazy too. I had a parent that said, "Well I sent in a snack last month."  For that I am grateful. However, that one snack usually covers only that day.  So if you sent in one box of goldfish, that will feed the class once.  I've done the snack calendar, I've done bring in several boxes of food, and I've done, bring your own snacks too.  I've been teaching for quite some time :)

Here is my wishlist board

But what happens when teachers ask for different things? What are they doing with them?? Like why is the teacher asking for colored pens??  Can't she buy her own colored pens?!?!!?!? Oh, honey, I do buy pens, and more pens, and even more pens lol
Flair ones? yes!
Ink joy ones? yes!
I don't share my pens lol. 
Oh okay, well sometimes I do share my pens, sometimes lol
we use cute ones for pointers.

This is one example of what I put out for creation station during Valentine's Day. There are fun markers, both thin and thick, pens, colored pencils, fun theme pencils, smelly markers, funky scissors, bingo daubers, stampers, and more. 

I am not asking for pens for me, but for the students to use in our writing center.

Why is she asking for card stock?   
Well because I print everything we use in our 
classroom at home on cardstock.  It makes it more durable. 
Oh did you catch that part, where I said I print things 
for the children at home? Yes, I do that too.

Colorful paper/cardstock like:

Why is she asking for colored paper? 
So children can use pens on 
fun colorful paper in the writing center or for 
fun stamps during our post office dramatic play center.

I print on different colored paper 
for each theme.

Here's something on our wish list that's pretty easy to understand.
We have a magnet board that these are perfect for

they work on sorting (place in the correct color can)
colors (math color word identification)
fine motor (works those little fingers to improve writing)

This is a staple remover... do you know what a pain it is to get staples out of the wall???
So technically this is for me the teacher, but I am adding things to our room to enhance your child's education :)

OMG, now she's asking for glue sticks?!?! 
She can craft at home on her own time.

Where my classroom is located, I have very picky walls... we are always picking up charts that are falling off the wall.  I use hot glue to attach stuff to the walls, so they won't fall off :)

Tape, why is she asking for tape? 
We aren't wrapping presents in school.

This is perfect for our art center.
We can use our pincher grasp (fine motor) using our fingers to write.
It uses the same muscles.
We can work on color identification too!
Another math skill!

Where will this madness end??
Now, this teacher thinks my kids should craft again????
Here's another item for fine motor, that pincher grasp.
The same muscles that we use for writing.

Another item that I have asked for in my room in the past was baby wipes.
My child is potty trained, why is she asking for wipes??
We use stamps in our room, with ink...
we have to clean off the stamps so we don't get ink all over.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Kinderpond Shops: November Edition

Shop with Kinderpond at Dollar.25 Tree 

Y'all I have been searching since May for these cutie-patootie
Marc Brown stuffies.
I bought an extra Aurthur for my library friend.
We are going to hide it in their library as a surprise!

A shark stocking??? Yes, please!
I will be adding it to our ocean bin.

I found the skeet ball set HERE.
I will let you know how they are when we get them out.

This came in a 3 pack.
I was thinking of Christmas gifts for my son's teachers.

Mini Christmas spatulas for the cookie shop.
Check out our Cookie Shop here.

I have seen these cute dice painted up as marshmallows.
This time I found them in WHITE!!!

So I was looking for some clear light-shaped ornaments, but I couldn't find those.
I did find these. The opening is larger and I think may light up.

Anyways, I found this printable and I am thinking
that it might work. Find the free printable HERE.

Monday, October 17, 2022

Another Naeir Haul

Have you heard of Naeir before????

Head over HERE to join. 
It's free for teachers/non-profits.

Shark plushie- $8.00 ($18.99)
Shark Umbrella $2.25 ($17.50)
Batman Figure $1.50  ($12.00+)

plates, napkins, cups, and tablecloths.

Table Coverings- $2.50 6 included compared to $4.25 each
Plates 2.25 96 plates included compared to $5.99 for 8 plates
9oz paper cups $5.00 192 included compared to $5.40 for 8 cups.
Napkins $2.50  96 included compared to 8 for $7.99

Stencils $2.75

Washi Tape for fine motor journals
$3.25 ($9+ on Amazonn)

Tape dispensers
$3.75 ($10.61 each on Amazon.)

Balance Scale
$6.00 compared to $23.99 at Learning Resources

Here are only some of my trips:


Monday, October 3, 2022

I hopped to Target and Five Below

 First up, I found these light-up pointers!
Next, I found these adorable plushie keychains- 
HOWEVER!! I am missing the frog one waaaaaa
The frog is a Squishmallow from Five Below

Then these amazing building blocks.
I plan to match them to this activity: