Monday, November 28, 2022

Kinderpond Shops: November Edition

Shop with Kinderpond at Dollar.25 Tree 

Y'all I have been searching since May for these cutie-patootie
Marc Brown stuffies.
I bought an extra Aurthur for my library friend.
We are going to hide it in their library as a surprise!

A shark stocking??? Yes, please!
I will be adding it to our ocean bin.

I found the skeet ball set HERE.
I will let you know how they are when we get them out.

This came in a 3 pack.
I was thinking of Christmas gifts for my son's teachers.

Mini Christmas spatulas for the cookie shop.
Check out our Cookie Shop here.

I have seen these cute dice painted up as marshmallows.
This time I found them in WHITE!!!

So I was looking for some clear light-shaped ornaments, but I couldn't find those.
I did find these. The opening is larger and I think may light up.

Anyways, I found this printable and I am thinking
that it might work. Find the free printable HERE.

Monday, October 17, 2022

Another Naeir Haul

Have you heard of Naeir before????

Head over HERE to join. 
It's free for teachers/non-profits.

Shark plushie- $8.00 ($18.99)
Shark Umbrella $2.25 ($17.50)
Batman Figure $1.50  ($12.00+)

plates, napkins, cups, and tablecloths.

Table Coverings- $2.50 6 included compared to $4.25 each
Plates 2.25 96 plates included compared to $5.99 for 8 plates
9oz paper cups $5.00 192 included compared to $5.40 for 8 cups.
Napkins $2.50  96 included compared to 8 for $7.99

Stencils $2.75

Washi Tape for fine motor journals
$3.25 ($9+ on Amazonn)

Tape dispensers
$3.75 ($10.61 each on Amazon.)

Balance Scale
$6.00 compared to $23.99 at Learning Resources

Here are only some of my trips:


Monday, October 3, 2022

I hopped to Target and Five Below

 First up, I found these light-up pointers!
Next, I found these adorable plushie keychains- 
HOWEVER!! I am missing the frog one waaaaaa
The frog is a Squishmallow from Five Below

Then these amazing building blocks.
I plan to match them to this activity:

Monday, September 19, 2022

Teachers have the best Garage Sales!!

 Teachers have the best garage sales!!!!!!!

Here's the breakdown:

This will be more of a toss-to-identify almost anything!

The children will toss a bean bag and the sides will vary.

What I was thinking was colors- toss and identify the color, or
letters, shapes, and more!

Like rhyming words, CVC words, heart words, just about anything!!

more items for the light table

a bin of random animals for the science center/blocks

these are milkshake straws
cut in thirds and they make a perfect pencil holder!
Grab some tape and BAM! 

Reading buddies

More stuff for science center or sensory bins :)

turkey counters

random animals and a FROG of course!

Lacers and puzzels


Big Books

Monday, September 12, 2022

August Dollar Tree Trip

 What kind of goodies do you think I found???

Here's the haul!

Now on to the breakdown:

The three packs of those boxes.
Did they also have the two packs? Yes! 
These are a better deal of course!

I needed more for all those crayons I found HERE.

My plan for these:

1) paint them on both sides. One side is a jack o'lantern and
the other side is going to be a name sign for fall.

The chalkboard will be painted and a gift for my co-teacher :)

I found these cool books! 

A very cool sign!

Fall accents for the light table.
Read about it HERE.

More items for the calm-down area.

A rainbow pointer.
I pull out the ink part.

Fun scissors!
I always give one as a back-to-school gift.

Mirrors for the calm-down area.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Dollar.25 Tree Shop with Kinderpond

Hop with Kinderpond to Dollar.25 Tree

Here is a felt set I found in the books. section
I will show you action shots when I use them :)

In the 'fancy' section, purple scoops.

Fancy birthday crowns... 
do I have other ones? 
Yes, find some more HERE and HERE!

Here is a tabletop skeet-ball desktop set.
This took me so long to find. It’s a desktop skeet-ball toy! 
It’s a pretty small box. It was in a pretty weird spot too. 
It was over near the housewares. 
On top of the shelf with the reusable bags. 
I will let you know if it’s worth your $1.25 at Dollar.25 Tree.

Have I mentioned that I love sharks??!?!?!?
I do :)

Here is another pizza food pointer for our nutrition unit.
I pull out the ink part and BAM! instant pointer!

Everyone seems to love Daniel Tiger.
I was thinking of reading some on video and putting it up on 
YouTube for parents like the restaurant one. 
We’re not heading out to a restaurant during school!