Monday, August 20, 2018

Felt, Word Work... and socks????

A trip to Target!!

the alphabet will go on the metal oil drip pan for matching 

Stamps... wonder if they smell???

Omg- now they had Cat in the Hat scissors!!!!!

Dry erase board

For word work

pretty much lol

Super cute see-through letter stamps 

felt train station

crayon banner

felt stories

cool new pencils for the writing center

and socks...
because I literally don't own any plain ones lol

Plus I got some new graphics, so you know what that means!!!!???!!!

That I do more than shop! :)

New books for shared reading
New books for guided reading
New books for classbooks
New activities for pocket charts

Hop over to our store to check them out:

Saw a Crayon p/c              Saw a Crayon

Crayons I Saw            I Used a Crayon

Crayon Respect shared reading book

Guided Readers

On the street                On the street colors 

Donuts for Dad               Donuts for Me

Monday, August 13, 2018

Writing books, Target, and Dollar Tree, Oh My! plus a FREEBIE!!!

First we stopped at Dollar Tree

Markers and rolling stamps for the writing center
I am sensing a toy test for the rollers.

a co-teacher is having a camping classroom 

Line up shoes

We have Melissa & Doug sets,
I will let you how they compare!

These are the same packs, just different styles in the same one :)

super cute!

here are some more things for the writing center

These are rubbing plates.
I am missing the red plate.

Target Bullseye's Playground

I love making fingerprint art!!

Letter and shape magnets

Still on the hunt for the letter erasers though lol

How cute is this DIY????

So not only have I been busy shopping, I've been busy writing some books too!!

So after we read that certain book with the above cat...

You add your student's names on the lines and they star in the book!!!
Then after you read the book with their names on it,
there is a special page for them to write their name and then color in the shoe anyway they wish.
When complete, just pop it in your classroom library.

To go with our transportation unit,
I wrote these

Goes over color names.

vehicles that we see driving on the street

Cute little cars in the book

this is a book that talks about school supplies that we will respect in the classroom

This cutie-patootie book will talk about school supplies 
that we see at school... with a twist!!!

If you made it all the way to the end,
 here's your prize!!!! 

I found this cute poem from Richard Scarry

Stay tuned for more books, there are more on the way!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Kohls Shopping... and Target

Confession... I love Target... yeah no surprise there. lol
But I also love Seuss... well that's no surprise either 

I love these stacking games.
We have ocean, fruits, and ark ones.

It's hit or miss with finding these puzzles, but here is a whale and we have a snake.
I've seen people add magnets to the back 

Seuss bags-
I hang these up with TeachersTape 
as room decorations :) 

These are those blank books- 8 for $3.

Transportation felt stories
These never get old.  


I may have bought two more dog ones...
Stay tuned for their transformation :) 

Tada!!!!!!!!  Kohls Cares came out with new animals!
Pinkalicious, Pete the Cat, and Biscuit!

Check out these Seuss scissors!
I did go back again and this time, they had Cat in the Hat ones-
and yes I bought those too lol

More felt puppets 

Seuss decor sets

Oh and I wrote a book too for our pirate unit

it's an excellent classbook where your students star in a book!