Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well here is makeover number two lol

I like the kids, not the brown! ICK I'd be happy with almost any other color but brown lol.

I still have to figure out how to fix my title though. :( There were words on top of the little girls. whoops


 I so dislike when I find good ideas and forget where they came from.  grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

It all started when I couldn't download a gingerbread unit because the documents wouldn't download- do you think that I could ever find that blog again? Nope!  Guess the world was telling me I have enough GB materials. (which certainly be the case!!!  lol)

I was also looking for a photo and idea for power pellets (skittles)  I found that idea and saved the photo!

Now I saw this fabulous idea about a craft/tools container as a gift from a teacher to her child's teacher. It held office supplies- with the most adorable blue supplies!  I even made a comment.  I was going back to see if there was a reply.

Anyone out there recall the cute idea?  Pretty please leave me a comment!

Thank you for thinking!

ETA: found it @ Growing Kinders. I found it right before my smart followers posted it!  Thank so much!!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I love to make classbooks with my students. I try to make one a week. I offer my students that option during the week.

What does Rudolf Do after Christmas?

Where Does Santa Go After Christmas?

Please leave me a comment if you grabbed a copy of either of the books.  Thanks!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Up up and Away we go

Space! Several teachers from our school were lucky enough to go to Space Camp in Alabama this past summer. We are going to take what they learned and put it into action!
Here is the actual space suit that Mrs R wore when she went to space camp this summer.

 Here is a song we hope to sing daily!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond part three

A song that we sang:
 Neptune facts:
 Awesome planets!
 All of the children did this to conclude our space unit.  I lightly wrote it for the K-1's so they could trace it.  The others had to write it themselves. I had them put stars around Earth.
 Uranus facts:
 We graphed which planet we wanted to visit.

To Infinity and Beyond part two

Here is my friend D's rocket ship.

 Here is a rocket  and the moon:
 Rocket and moon- guess that was a favorite of many :)

 Here is S's page of theme words.
 Great telescope!
 My friend I's illustrations:

To Infinity and Beyond

Here is a pocket chart that we did. There is a "poem" that goes along with this.  You hide the astronaut behind one of the planets. I didn't really like the "poem" because it didn't really rhyme lol 
*Note to self: write new one :)
 We also read this one. We shuffled this pocket chart around. I handed out the  graphics and had another child read the line, the child that had the graphic, put it in the chart.
 I tell the children that I will take a photo if they do their best work. Since it is the end of our space travel, I had the children find their favorite page.

 This is my friend S. We aren't sure why she was pointing lol

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"est" family

We brainstormed "est" family words. I tried to illustrate the words. Sorry, but I have forgotten to take a photo (maybe it was subliminal lol)

I  tell the students to do their best work so I can take a photo and put it on line. :)

Needs/ Wants Goods/Services

Today we reviewed Needs and Wants and Goods & Services

We followed Flo on her trip through town. Her first stop is at a music store. She bought a CD (a good) and it is a want. She continued through town and her next stop is the car wash.  We debated about the car wash being a need or a want.  We concluded that in our climate with the salt, it would be a need, unless it was all of the time. :) She then traveled to get new clothes. Clothes are a need. Then she went to  get her hair cut.  We also decided it was a need.  We didn't want to be cousin it!
Finally she made her way to the pizza place.  We decided food was a need.

Space Travel

Today the K-1 children illustrated two words- Earth and stars. (Photos to come, oops)

We also listened to these books:

 The older children traveled to Mercury.  First thing we did was to to figure out our weight on the planet.
The 2 & 3 grade children came  up with these facts:
 The 4 & 5 grades came up with these facts:
 They also traveled to Venus. We figured out our weight there too!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blog Hop 2010

I was on the search for new Word Work ideas and came across tons of ideas.  The one that I chose was using my old Vitamin Water bottle caps to make a new center for the students.  We give the students five new words each week. I write vowels in red and consonants in blue. When my students are done making their words, I have them take a photo of their work.

Now on to my blog hop.  I asked several people to come hop along with me.  Check out all of their wonderful recycled items that they use in there classrooms.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Day with Dr Jean

I spent the day with Dr Jean!!!!!

I was lucky enough to see Jean again. Check out another workshop I attended. Here is another workshop I went to also. They were different years and different topics. :)

Having fun and learning with Dr Jean. Photos to follow :) many ideas to share.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Space Words

We began discussing space words.

Space Words:

Girl Student: "5"
Me: "5?"
Girl Student: "5 4 3 2 1"
Me: "oh, countdown!"

 For the K-1 children, I came up with the words, day 1 we just glued these in.

 On one of the pages, we colored and cut out the rocket.  Here was the example. (It is the Other R)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Moving and Groovin!

We are in motion for the next few weeks. We gathered different balls from all of school.
We brainstormed all of the balls we could think of in 3-5 grades.  This is what they came up with:

We had two different groups of 3rd-5th graders figure these out.

My favorites: cheeseball and meatball!

We described them, we classified them, and we talked about their attributes. For our hands on, we picked one of the balls. We drew our ball in our science log. Then we described it. Finally, tested them out. We used different blocks as ramps and predicted and tested how far they rolled.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Teacher Must Haves

Just like Oprah has her favorites, I have mine too!

Teaching Favorites
Vitamin Water Spark my favorite flavor

Colored pens

Desktop computer :)

Discover Boxes (get them from  Discover Cards about 1/2 way down the page)

iPhone I can blog right from my phone. (It is so I don't  forget the  interesting things the children say!)

personal laptop

Materials for my week go in here (copies and books needed)

Okay, so the smell is for me :)

I keep all of my office supplies in here.  I can see where everything is.

I use these plus the cut out ones for  my CAFE board.

Sharpies every size, shape, and color.

Need I say more? :)

This is the home to some of my stamps

Venti Vanilla Latte

Tag Readers.  I received 6 of them for my class. I piloted them for LeapFrog last year.

Keep materials inside

Everyone should join!


Dry erase markers

Sheet protectors

Pampered chef tool turn about- I keep these on my tables for supplies. Being a Pampered Chef consultant has its perks!!!! 

Crayola twistables they don't break as easily.
Cameras- one for me and one for the students to use.

Foaming soap. (Although before they had this, I used my Pampered Chef Suds Pump for the same effect!
 I was the coolest teacher with the awesome soap!)

I would love to hear all about yours!  Please feel free to share yours too :)