Thursday, December 30, 2010


 I so dislike when I find good ideas and forget where they came from.  grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

It all started when I couldn't download a gingerbread unit because the documents wouldn't download- do you think that I could ever find that blog again? Nope!  Guess the world was telling me I have enough GB materials. (which certainly be the case!!!  lol)

I was also looking for a photo and idea for power pellets (skittles)  I found that idea and saved the photo!

Now I saw this fabulous idea about a craft/tools container as a gift from a teacher to her child's teacher. It held office supplies- with the most adorable blue supplies!  I even made a comment.  I was going back to see if there was a reply.

Anyone out there recall the cute idea?  Pretty please leave me a comment!

Thank you for thinking!

ETA: found it @ Growing Kinders. I found it right before my smart followers posted it!  Thank so much!!!!!


casperrodz said...

Hi the gift ideas are found at Growing Kinders.

Mrs. Baker said...

Was this it?

Kinderpond said...

Thanks followers! For all of your help, I will be sending you some of the materaisl I have made. Going to check for your emails now :)

edegrote said...
Power Pellet idea

lovetwoteach said...

The gift ideas were from eighteen25. I just bought everything today to make them. Also, HomeGoods has Jars filled with Smiley Bubble Gum, Ice Cream Bubble Gum, and all kinds of candies for 60% off today. I bought a bunch and I am stealing the idea to make cute labels as teacher gifts!
Here is the site!


Rachelle and Brian said...

I have the tag that you put on your jar for the power pellets! If you want it, just email me!


Rachelle and Brian said...

I just decided to upload the Power Pellets tag to the blog for easy access for you!!!! :)
Here is the direct link:


Penny said...

Here is a great way to save things like that. I use it is free which makes it even better, but I can bookmark something from home and then pull it up at school or any computer. You can make your bookmarks private or public.