Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Needs/ Wants Goods/Services

Today we reviewed Needs and Wants and Goods & Services

We followed Flo on her trip through town. Her first stop is at a music store. She bought a CD (a good) and it is a want. She continued through town and her next stop is the car wash.  We debated about the car wash being a need or a want.  We concluded that in our climate with the salt, it would be a need, unless it was all of the time. :) She then traveled to get new clothes. Clothes are a need. Then she went to  get her hair cut.  We also decided it was a need.  We didn't want to be cousin it!
Finally she made her way to the pizza place.  We decided food was a need.


Ms.M said...

Ooo, I like this activity very much. Did you create this activity yourself?

Ms. M

Kinderpond said...

Nope lol I will see where I got it from and let you know. :)