Monday, April 24, 2017

I hopped to the Dollar Tree

Here are all the goodies I just got:

Here is the breakdown of what I got and for what:

The crazy straws: we are using for fine motor work and adding pony beads.
The purple box is for the tissue paper from my last trip- which I didn't blog about yet lol**
Foam sheets not quite 8x11 though
And gel for gel bags**

My mom wears her lanyard with her key and ID like a good staff member should.
It however, wrecks her dresses :(

Also, that graduation frame??  I take a class photo and all the kids sign around it.

I saw a post, maybe on Instagram about labeling the egg tray with numbers/words/dots and having the kids match eggs with them.

The Mini Jenga blocks.  I was thinking for morning bins- either sight words or math problems.
 Science boxes- making the /s/ word that I don't like lol
The green trays are for sorting maybe?

In second grade, they work on speech bubbles, so I got these to laminate and use for student work display of their work.

Golf Balls- maybe for art marble paint, maybe for motion?
Snakes and Ladders for morning work.
Toy Story Book- for Wild West unit coming up.

There are foil letters and foam letters for tactile learners.
I plan to glue/attach them to index cards.

The black bags are for my version of my friends "Star Search" during a space unit.**
The strawberry thing is supposed to be for tea, but it was so cute, I added it to our kitchen center.
Little flashlights because I can't find the ones I bought last year lol
Oh the alarm? that's for my 4 year old escape artist lol
The tan pieces are so you don't scratch your floor
White: hook and loop aka Vel-Cro

**Will blog about these more soon!

Tissue Paper
Star Search
Gel Bags