Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mother's Day

I am honored and privileged to be part of the Laura Kelly Design Team this year.

I got this super cute hot chocolate set. Perfect for the winter months.

However, it is "spring" here... and we may or may not get snow again lol

But!!!!   Check out what I did to change it up for mother's day!!!

I am planning on having the kids decorate the cups and then glue them to some cards.

I *must* remember to 'train the troops' and only have them glue around the outside so that the flowers can be removed and...

See I wrote things on the stems of the flowers???

I would brainstorm with my class as to what we could write.

The non-writers will love it, because they don't have to write complete sentences lol

I really love these heart flowers and my students will do a much better job with designing their flowers and making them perfect for their moms.

Check back in May for photos of their finished products!

**As part of the Laura Kelly Design team, I was given a machine and the die cuts**
I however, without the use of Pinterest, came up with the ideas all on my own ;)