Monday, April 10, 2017

Dollar Tree Trip #????

We went to the Dollar Tree...again lol

I grabbed these to add to our writing center.
They would also make a great addition to a VIP table.

Ice Cube trays for.... ummmm I have no idea lol
Math and fine motor game maybe??

I watched Play To Learn's video on the Flower Shop dramatic play,
then looked at more photos here.

I might have also bought this unit for next year.

I went to the Dollar Tree and look what I saw?!?!?!?

Some science experiments:

More smelly pens.
I also have the Scento's multi-pen. 

I will do a review of them both and let you know.

Then the.flairs.!!!!!!!!!  They have essential oils in them.

Then the three pack. They smell nice and write nice too!
We have several kids that are on behavior sheets,
this makes them better :)

Apparently next week I will be doing product testing lol

Some green gems and some
plastic shapes for the light table.

Here are some magazine boxes.
They are a bit on the small size, but do hold regular paper no problem.

I added this coconut to our Rain Forest Stand.