Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gold Bar Words

I am always looking for ways to re-use things in my room. I drink a ton of coffee. It never keeps me up, but it always warms me up :)

I reuse other plastic lids for "Finger Glue" when we do TLC Lessons.  I pour white glue on the lids and my students use the tips of their fingers to glue. I also teach them how to clean their fingers- which is rubbing it in the palm of their other hand. :)

Which brings me to another sort of recycled item. Because I have sooooooo many of these, I first used them to sort crayons (makes my TLC Lessons easier too!!!)
So they have a gold top. I think they look like gold bars to me :) Well what I see on TV anyways lol

For one of my Word Work choices, I created this Gold Bar option. I will write out five words for the week on them and have them fill out the sheet using a gold pen or gold colored pencil. To not waste them, I will be using both sides for different words.

Here is my Gold Bar recording Sheet.

In case you don't drink this much coffee, try scrapbook paper or just plain note cards using a gold sharpie.

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