Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snack Struggle

So in my room, we have a community snack time. Everyone buys a box of food to share with the class. Well we are almost out of snacks and no one is bringing in more snacks. I don't want to skip snack, but it is just another expense that I would rather spend on other materials. :)

I was thinking of some kind of snack club to get the children excited about snack in our room. I am starting a new newsletter in my room so I plan to have a spot to thank parents for whatever they did for our class.

Even in the snack club, everyone would still get snack, but I don't know how to celebrate when we do get snack.

I am going to try another letter with ideas for what to send.

What is working in your room with snack?


Ms. A's Class said...

In my class we have have a snack calendar. I just go down the roll and assign students days in which they are to bring snacks. My parents prefer this because it means they are only responsible for snack (for the class) once a month.

Ms.M said...

What if you had a crown for a student to wear when they brought the snack for the day or week, however you do it. It would deffinetly get those kiddos bugging their parents to bring a snack when it's their turn.

Ms. M

wpbarrentine said...

In my classroom we go straight down the roll and each child has a week. They can bring enough on Monday for the whole week, bring each day etc. That way each child is only responsible two times a year. We often have an abundance of snacks which are put away and given to children to bring if their family cannot provide snacks for the class so that they do not feel left out.

Brandy said...

I've done it the way Ms. A described and the way wpbarrentine described above. Both worked fine. I didn't ask, I just assigned. However, a couple of years my parents (I always let mine decide at the beginning of the year) decided not to do snack at all, and that worked out great as well. The kids didn't ever miss it or mention it. My daughter's teacher (she's a first grader) just told everyone at the beginning of the year that they are responsible for sending a healthy snack to school each day for their own child. I'm sure she has things put away in case someone doesn't have anything one day. My daughter prefers this way because she doesn't have to worry about someone bringing pretzels or goldfish (which happened a lot in K) since she does not like those at all. I like it too because my definition of a healthy snack and someone else's can be entirely different. Like the time a parent thought it would be good to send in Little Debbies for snack time. (not that I don't love me some Little Debbies...just not healthy!)

Andrew said...

Get a good size bucket in a fun color (All decorated up with stickers - labeled SUPER SNACK BUCKET with a Sharpie marker) from the Dollar Store/Tree. Send it home with one student on a Friday and in the bucket attach a note that says ***YOUR CHILD HAS BEEN SELECTED TO BE THE SUPER SNACK STUDENT**** and that the bucket should be returned full of snacks (4-5 different items each serving about 20 kids)...when you start running low send it home with another student. (I would send a note home to parents prior to staring this new snack routine.) It works!!

smorss99 said...

Last year, snack was a nightmare in my room! We had a snack calendar, so each student was assigned to bring in snack for the class once a month. Well, we went 12 days straight without anyone bringing in snack. I got tired of supplying it.

In January, I adopted a new snack policy. Everyone brings in their own snack each day. Period. It's hard at first when someone forgets because I feel bad and want badly to give them something...so I got rid of the snack box all together. I let parents know that I have nothing in our room. The procedure has been the BEST thing I could have done.

It is working fabulously this year, as well!


Plants seeds of knowledge...for our future! said...

I do not do snack in our room. My kids are not hungry and do not ask for it. We do earn fish for our behavior and once we have 300 fish we can have a special drink on Friday. 400 fish gets a drink and treat on Friday and 500 fish gets a drink, treat, and extra recess. 600 fish gets a drink, treat, extra recess and short video. It is Pay Day. Some Fridays we do not earn enough fish for a party last Friday we did not and this Friday is looking dubious too. This is the only snack they get. Unless you count the 3 skittles they get during our Phonics Bingo skills game (see my blog for more info).