Monday, January 17, 2011

Author Studies

I am going to start my top reading group with different author studies.

So far, I have come up with:

Eric Carle
Mem Fox
Laura Numeroff
Jan Brett
Dr Seuss (in March)

For each author study, I give my students "paperwork." One page are all of the book covers of that author's books that they check off after they have read the book. The other pages are where they write their responses.
We have a rating scale,

one item- okay
two items- good
three items- excellent

Eachh respose sheet has different items to shade in.

Here are two samples of paperwork:

Book List paperwork

Response Sheet

So who are your favorite author studies for first grade children?


Mrs. Daniels First Grade said...

Goggle Doc links do not work.

Kinderpond said...

Well I have uploaded it three more times, not sure what the problem is.
Maybe the third time is the charm! :)


The Andersen Family said...

Kevin Henkes is tons of fun, Jan Brett (of course), Ezra Jack Keats and Munsch (can't think of his first name). Oh and you can't forget DR SEUSS!

Ms.M said...

I am so glad you wrote about Author studies. I've been wanting to do them with my students but don't know where to start. I was going to ask on my blog for help, and probably still will, but felt really dumb having never done one beforen in my 7 years of teaching. Aside from the two sheets for download how do you start/ go about doing an authors study?

Authors I'd love to study, aside from the ones you've mentioned, Melanie Watt, my kids LOVE Scaredy Squirl & Chester. I love the Cester seris because it helps them to realize they are authors too. Also Rob Scotton. I love the Splat books. He is just too cute. I adore Kevin Henkins & Erza Jack Keats. I can go on all day, I better stop.

Ms. M

Rachelle said...

FOR SURE YOU HAVE TO STUDY....Mo Willems!!! He's my favorite. And, who doesn't need a good laugh?


Ms. Durning said...

Melanie Watts is another fun one!!