Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mini Flashlights

For Christmas, my nephew got these mini flashlights. They have have elastic bands that hold them on your fingers.  My mother in law found them at Dollar General.

When I get my hands on them, I can give you more info about getting them. All I know is that there were 3 in a package for $1.

I plan on getting a class set and using them to shine on word wall words.


Brandy said...

We had these a while back and unfortunately they "died" about day into playing with them. You might want to wait and see how long these shine before spending money on them.

Kinderpond said...

Well that would be terrible! We would so be emailing the company!

Hadar said...

So cute! i saw a cute idea for "flashlight writing" on a blog, but I can't remember which one! The idea is to have the students write a sight word or CVC word on a whiteboard {or paper even} and then use the flashlight to "trace" the word. Those would be perfect for that!