Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gluing- A sticky subject

Gluing~ I love the idea of glue sticks, but sometimes they drive me nuts!  I can't get the lids off, the kids can't get the lids off, then we loose a lid grrrr  lol

Whenever we use a glue stick, we glue right on the paper, even if whatever we are gluing is smaller. Problem is, when we close whatever we are working on, the pages get stuck together. :(

I teach my students to keep the glue stick on the table and run the paper over the top. Here is how we do it:
Thanks for being my model A!

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Ms.M said...

I completly agree with you. I ussualy model how much glue to use and have my students say "A little bit of glue goes a long way." as they glue. However, we can sometimes still make a mess and we have yet to master the "just a dot" for the glue bottles. Frustration.

Ms. M