Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I needed to beef up my calendar now that the new year has begun. I like the idea of calendar binders, but another binder is just another expense that I don't want to spend. We had homework binders, but the children destroyed them :(

Does anyone have any tips for keeping the homework binders safer? They weren't on the supply list, so the teachers just bought them.  The hope is that next year, that as a supply item, they will last longer.

Anyways, I was inspired by Shari Sloane and Kim Adsit to create my own. It covers everything on our calendar: We have to write the date with dashes, today is, the weather, the season, yesterday, today and tomorrow, and answer the question of the day graph. You can find all of my graphs on my website.

Check out the form on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I'd love the hear your feedback.


Ms.M said...

I usually stock up on 2 pocket folders and laminate them for the students. When I buy them I get at least enough for each student to get 2, just in case I have to replace everyones half way through the year. I used to give stickers who student who take care of their folders. The kids keep them on the folder so the neater they take care of their folder the more stickers on it and it shows. There were occations, several for some kiddos, that I ha to replace a folder but if you buy a lot during back to school sales you should have plenty.

Ms. M

Brandy said...

Buy the plastic 2 pocket pronged folders. Even my most unorganized and roughest kids can't destroy those things. Plus, it's cheaper than binders and possibly reusable each year. My daughter's kindergarten teacher last year said she was on year 3 of these folders being the daily take home folder. My daughter's still looked fine at the end of the year.

~*~Ash~*~ said...
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~*~Ash~*~ said...

You could connect two manilla folders together and then laminate them. The students could complete the activities with an expo marker.
I like JMeacham's version:

With that, you could add a velcro strip to the folder and then have them make coins to show the date. (Be sure to attach velcro to the backs of the coins, also!)

Good luck!

Katie Smith said...

We put 3 ring binders on the supply lis...but hten we purchase these plastic pockets that velcro and have 3 hols. We put reading homework in it. I'll get you a pic so you can understand...I think this doesn't make sense. lol

Katie Smith said...

it is kind of like these, we get them at target