Monday, January 10, 2011

Target Shopping

Here were my Target finds:

top: 3 new Seuss videos- $5 each
Valentine's pencils, 100th day bookmarks, growing pellets, glitter letters,  cupcake notepad,  Very Hungry Caterpillar plates and tablecloth. (Is it still a tablecloth if it is made from plastic?)

Growing Pellets- I plan to use these with a recording sheet, when I get close to use them, I will post it.

I will be using the glitter letters for a container for brain sprinkles. I will post photos when done.

For the VHC materials, I will be using the plates to make book covers. The tablecloth could be used for the background on a bulletin board.

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Rachelle and Brian said...

LOOOOOVE! I want to go to Target right NOW!