Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today in the ASP we were practicing writing our names and I always ask "Is this your best work?"
I asked this one boy and I asked him about the "a" that was floating. We just finished our space unit, so I pretended to space walk.  Then this other Kindergartner came by and just starred at me like I was crazy! I told him I wasn't crazy, but I don't think he bought it.  I turned to my K girls and asked them if they thought that I was crazy.

Miss N said, "Oh you aren't 100 crazy" Oh good, at least she doesn't think I am 100% crazy! Then they thought about it and Miss D said, "You are only 1 crazy." Oh good, only one crazy!!  Then Miss K said after much thought, "You are two crazy." Okay so I was giggling now, with the whole play on words, my co-teacher commented about my giggling!

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