Saturday, January 22, 2011

Animals in Winter

This week was rather odd.  We had no ASP on Monday so on Tuesday we used Monday's plans. I learned to about different kinds of snowflakes. We read the chart as a news reporter.

The first graders worked on a snowflake book.

We had early release on Wednesday and no school on Friday! So we had only one other day, so we talked about animals in winter- do they adapt/migrate/hibernate? I read the book Animals in Winter to the K-1 children and then we put the animals in a pocket chart. (No photo :( I am bummed) Then the 2nd-5th grade children had to read the book and find out which animals did what.

I did get my pictures from ChalkTalk.

I had one third grader literally flip through the book and tell me he couldn't find the answers. Um  really? I told him I would give him $10 if he couldn't find any answers. Another third grader said how about a gift card? I was like I will give you $100 gift card if you can't find any answers or you give me $5 lol I get so upset when capable children don't even try. :(

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