Friday, January 21, 2011

Listen to Reading

I was truly blessed to receive a LeapFrog Tag Readers classroom set from LeapFrog.  I received 6 TagReaders, 6 headphones, 6 cases, and six books each of about 30 different titles.

Here is how I store the remaining books:

 In the class, they are stored like this:
I think there are four or five books inside the large plastic bins. Inside the case we store one of the TagReaders plus the headphones. You can store books inside their cases, but not the headphones, so we just leave the headphones and the TagReader inside.

All of the children really enjoy this center and now you can see why :)


kayenta said...

WOW! You are really lucky. One of our 5 second grade classrooms has two of these and they are in CONSTANT use. The kids love them.

Susan said...

Were they donated to your class by Leap Frog?

Kinderpond said...

Last year, LeapFrog was looking for classrooms to test them out. I filled some paperwork, and I was chosen.


Lindsey W said...

I absolutely love my Tags! I have 5 TAGS and 2 TAG Jrs. I don't have the extra books so mine are stored in the cases all labeled by number. So Case #1 has Tag #1, headphones#1, and 3 books programmed with the Tag #1. It keeps it organized and then I don't have random books floating around. The kids can look and figure out what box it came from and put them away.I was chosen for the Leap Frog project last year but my school system refused to allow us to participate because of the data they wanted collected. I won mine from a give away!

Brenda said...

Thanks for linking up! Those are awesome! Yay for you on getting them for your class!
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Nikki said...

I just got TAG's from a grant I applied for! I can't wait to use them with my kiddos this year!!