Friday, February 18, 2011

Volcanoes- follow up

We wrapped up our volcano unit which was extended due to early release days and snow days lol
The Other R created this chart. She attached packing tape in the boxes for word removal.

 Here is the completed chart:

Our volcano explosion:
I was a little disappointed in the "explosion." I only had apple cider vinegar, so I am not sure if that changed the result.

I wanted to teach all of the children k-5 how to be volcanoes. I made up this action-thing. We talked about what shape a volcano was- a triangle. We put our hands together kind of like low praying hands. Then we weave/wiggle back and forth within our body frame and say magma, magma, magma. Then when we go past our heads, we say "explosion, lava" separate our hands. smoke cloud with our hands apart over our heads. Then we use spirit fingers to say "ashes ashes ashes" as our arms go down.

We talked about how it was magma inside but when it came out it was lava. I just started to show the K-1's but then taught it to them all. The 2nd and 3rd graders loved it too. Oh and they really learned it too!!!

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