Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seriously Seuss

Seriously Seuss is on the loose this year. In the past, I have had my students dress up to celebrate different Seuss books.

I asked the students if they wanted to get the chance and they wanted to. :) Y'all, I am so excited that they want to do this!!!!!!!! As Abby would say, "I am twelve kinds of excited!!"

I picked several books, chose something that would be easy to dress up too. Then I had a wonderful idea to match snacks too. Some were easy ideas like eating goldfish for 1 Fish 2 Fish :) I don't want to use all sugar filled snacks. We did marshmallows and icing last year, but that isn't an option for me this year. I need to really limit the sugar.

Here are the books we will be celebrating this year:
1-Cat in the Hat- wear red and white- red and white stripes cookies
2-PJ's day
3-Crazy socks to go with Fox in Socks
4-Animal Print- If I ran the zoo-  animal crackers
7-flower day- Daisy head Maisy
8- hat day- Batholomew- bugles (looks like hats?)
9-Shape of Me and other Stuff-chex mix?
10-1 Fish 2 Fish- red and blue day- gold fish
11-Funky shoes- FootBook- maybe fruit by the foot- fruit roll-ups??
14-Eye Book- crazy glasses-??
15-My Colored Days- wear all one color
16-ABC book- letters and words- maybe letters and numbers cookies??
17-Green Eggs and Ham- green- green eggs
18- I Wish I had duck feet- animal prints- pringles ( to make duck beaks)
28-On Beyond Zebra- Stripe Day- zebra cakes
29-no book here yet lol
30-Wacky Wednesday
31-okay so I haven't picked this one either lol

I need your ideas please :)

Here is how we have celebrated it in the past:

Seuss Days- explained

Of course I still need to come up with some quick ideas for each day too- there isn't much leeway in my day to do everything I want to do. So between reading the book and an activity, I will only have about 10-15 minutes. Maybe I can squeeze in something during snack time.

So please HELP a Seuss -a-holic out! And send me some ideas for snacks, book activities.

My awesomely-cool followers pointed me in this direction:

Learning with Mrs. Parker


S. Parker said...

Check out my blog! I have some ideas you might like.

Rachelle said...

I will have a free unit on my blog coming up really soon! But, so far...your ideas are soooo cute!!!!

Cathriona said...

Hi, you should pop over to my website. I have a daily creative writing printable for my Dr Seuss unit. We will be writing letters to our favourite characters. Simple, but fun!


Mrs. Saoud said...

I read Diffindoofer Day with the kids. This fantastic read aloud develops in a unusual school. The teachers are eccentric with unique qualities. The kids create their own teacher and their 'diffindoofer' skill. I will post pictures later today of their work. On Friday, I choose one idea and dress up as the newly created teacher. The kids love it!

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