Friday, February 4, 2011

Calendar Club

I started a calendar club with the children.  I wanted the children to be more actively engaged during calendar time, so I created this recording sheet.

Everything that is on the sheet is from our calendar corner. I added reading a graph though. Another thing that I have included, was in one of the boxes, the children do one of five things.

Monday: Write our Star Words for the week.
Tuesday: Write word family words
Wednesday: They write something about our schedule.
Thursday: Use tally marks.
Friday: Rhyming Words

I quickly look at their papers to see if they are in the "Club" then they sign their name to the paper. I display it. I was thinking of laminating it, but then I like the idea of keeping track of who is consistently finishing their work.

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~*~Ash~*~ said...

I really like this!
As morning work, my firsties complete a routine at their desk before our official calendar time on the carpet. I like how you have something that changes with every day of the week.

I just did a post today on my calendar routine: