Sunday, February 6, 2011

ASP- Visits local camp

On Friday's we take the ASP to the YMCA. However, this Friday, we headed to a local camp.

Each grade did something different.

K's- studying mammals

Mammal furs. Later on there was even a bear fur, the children got to snuggle on them!  They looked so cute!

1st- snakes

Each first graders colored a paper snake. When they were all done, we laid them on the floor and then we measured how long we were against the snakes.

Here is Ms. S letting the snake check her out! EEEKKKKK

2nd- owls

Each second graders learned about native owls.  They they dissected owl pellets (gross)  After they opened (?) their pellets they used their charts to investigate what was inside.

I was inside with all of the K-2 children, so I don't have photos of the older children but this is what they got to do:

3rd- snow shoeing
4th- snow survival
5th-broom ball


Ladybug Teacher said...

Oh that is so cool! I love those kind of experiences for the kids! I bet all of the grades had a blast. Thanks so much for sharing :)


Mrs. Ruby said...

Oh my goodness. What a GREAT idea...and so much fun!!! :)