Thursday, February 10, 2011

Making Words and Word Work

We do making words each week in the class, but recently, several teachers have been making different activities for the children, so that is a Word Work choice. I made a sign and I will laminate the sheet to use it every week. For the top Word Finder of the Week.

Another teacher was thinking about the same things as me! Check out her post here.

I find that word work is not very exciting for the children- well I think it is exciting, but they are not very interested in going there. When we only have two rotations, I ask my children to choose one reading and one pencil activity (either work with words or writing) Lately, I find that they are "copying" words from a book- I am so confused by this.  Two boys did this last week and then a little girl was doing it again this week. :(

We are still working on building our stamina when doing anything with paper and pencil. I created a grid of writing options for the children.  I haven't given it to the children yet because I have to teach them everything on there first. :)

Here is my recording sheet for word work.


Martha said...

Message said was not shared. Was looking forward to seeing what you
had come up with.

Kinderpond said...

It should be fine- I am not sure why the codes change :(