Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Clip chart

We use the clip chart in our classroom.

We also have a rainbow square carpet in the room.  It has red, green, purple, and blue.

I made a seating chart in Word and hung it on the wall.

Anyways, I try to acknowledge great behavior by calling the children who are on the top of the chart. So I glance at the clip chart and say "If you are on yellow" you may line up. All of the children immediately whip their heads to see who is on yellow. One bright child says we don't have yellow." We all giggle and say "You are ON yellow." She told us she was thinking about the carpet color.  We were all laughing. :) In her defense, She was very close to me, so maybe I was blocking her way :)


carol said...

I really like your clip chart! What font is that?

Kinderpond said...

I used DJ Star from DJ Inkers. Then I used a highlighter to color in the stars at the beginning.