Monday, October 31, 2011

Make it Monday

So I got these "sleeves" for free...

But now I don't know really what to do with them...

I want students to be able to use them, so their intended use of putting them in a binder doesn't work for me.

What are some ideas for using them?


Claire said...

I had a parent who worked for the company that manufactures things like this and he gave the school loads of them because it was a discontinued line... I put them to use by mounting them and using them as home made pocket charts and also as an easy way to switch my word wall words - see my class photos for the basic word wall. it could be jazzed up.


Leslie @KindergartenWorks said...

Oh, I so got some of those too for free! I found two uses for them. I have used some in the back of books to hold the CD for my audio books, and I've also added some to my guided math binder. They hold little cards that we might be using and allow me to keep my differentiated stuff separate for each group. I attached them to each's groups divider.
What fun finding free stuff!
- Leslie