Saturday, October 22, 2011

Writing Ideas

So I have been seeing this chart all over Pinterest- so I had to make one too-  I was not coloring that bugger!!  So I just used colored paper! I made the pencil dull on purpose because that's what I had handy! Just like any anchor chart, I made it with the children.  The next time I make the chart, I will make in all over again!

We hung it on the wall.  I was guest teaching this lesson, so I left it for the teacher. I told the kids not to tell her, just see if she notices!  One very precocious child walks in the next morning and asks the teacher, of course she noticed it!

Here was a letter a student wrote to her teacher that was gone.

Dear Mrs. L,
I miss you really much, but class with Mrs. R (that's me) is awesome! I miss you more than the universe!

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