Friday, October 21, 2011

Critter College

This summer I received an awesome box from PetSmart.

It made planning my lessons very easy! We brainstormed ideas good and bad for pets. 
We talked about why they are good and bad. One child says "lion" another child says "My dad killed a lion." Oh really?  One of my favorite  sayings is "PROVE IT!"  I am still waiting on proof! 

With the younger children we talked out loud animals and the why part.
The older children recorded it in their science logs.

 Next we talked about how to handle furry little critters.

 We talked about what they  need.
 How to decide which furry critter would be right for your family.
In the critter college booklet, it goes over several furry critters.
There life spans, dietary needs, and other important info!

We talked about Pet Snacks:

It is supposed to be a paper grocery bag :)

Here is my feeble attempt to make an exercise wheel!  lol

We also talked about how to have a happy habitat:
Again my attempt to draw a cage! So with these two photos was to draw a cage- so as I was attempting to draw it, it started to look like spider webs!  whoops!  At least I tried!!!!

So here I tried to draw a doctor bag- wait do they make those toy doctor bags anymore???

So I realize that I am not that artistic, but at least I do try!  
I also realized that I need to figure out cuter ideas for our anchor charts!
As the lessons went on, I did more creative!

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