Saturday, October 15, 2011

Name Game

Let's play the name game.
I am thinking that this game came from the Mailbox magazine.

All the prep work that you have to do is to pair children up and write their names on grid paper.
One thing that I would do differently, is to have four rows of squares. So the game would last longer. What I did was write their names on the grid.  If someone finished coloring in their letters, I would write their name again, but not until they were done with their first name.

How to play the game. Roll the number cube.  Child moves their cube that many squares.  If that letter is in their name, they can color in the square on their grid. If they don't, the other person just rolls. They just keep going around in circles on the game board until time is up.

Number board with number on the grid.
Shapes Board with shapes on the grid.
Colors Board with color names on the grid.

What others can you think of?

I love this type of game board because there is no end!

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