Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We made our spider schematic chart.

Our new learning came from Gail Gibbons Spiders:

*There were 30,000 different kinds.
*They lived 30,000 million years ago- even before the dinos!
*Their official name is arachnid.

I use Deanna Jump's Spider Unit as a starting point.
I also used her Spider Bite from her Simple Science Vol. 1

At the end, we graphed who likes spiders and who doesn't.  I got these spider webs from Kmart years ago when they were on clearance! 
I had every student write their names on a spider and we taped them to the webs.

On the top half of the paper they drew a spider.
 On the bottom half, I taught them to draw a spider web.
I taught K-5- most of them didn't know how to make one!
 So I had a brilliant idea for the 4th and 5th graders-
instead of just drawing the parts of the web, all they started with was the
" t and x"and for the other parts, they had to write facts.
I think it turned out fab-u-lous!!!!
So did the students!

 I often struggle with finding so many awesome ideas and with such a limited time (15 mins.)
I can't get everything in.  So I had a "lightbulb" moment.
I had different groups do different things!

I made this chart:

Then the students created this:
We discussed how spiders eat their prey.

Each child used:
Web (paper plate)
Proboscis (straw)
Insect (sugar cube)
Venom (water)
 Never use more water than we can clean up!
This one actually looked like a spider!!
 Here is our venom:

We graphed who liked spiders and who did not.

Here is a close up.
I had each child write their name on a spider.
I truly don't like spiders, but always pick to teach about them!

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