Thursday, October 20, 2011

FALL- pumpkins and leaves

We talked about pumpkins and leaves.
Here was a first graders life cycle-  Mr. C says" Mrs. R, this one isn't done yet!"
 Here was a 5th graders:
 A 4th graders Pumpkin PIE cycle   {We were talking about our school wide PBIS PAWS at the time and she accidentally wrote a "P" whoops!  I think she did a fabulous job at fixing it!}
 Check out the recycling box in the center!

Here is verse one.  {It goes to the tune of the Wheels on the Bus.}
 Here was the chart that the First Graders help me make :)

We also talked about leaf parts.
So I was just going to do leaf rubbings with the younger kids, but we had a little extra time and WOW!
The older children absolutely loved it!

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