Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shout Out Sunday's- Insects

We used several parts of this fabulous unit.  You can get your very own copy of this awesome unit right here.
We talked about a different insect each day.

Each time we begin a new unit, I have the children do a cover art page.
They can draw things that go along with the topic- I use this also when we are waiting for others, so they can be more productive.

We made this chart:
 The older students got their own copy of the poem and got to draw even more bugs to frame the poem.
 We also made the Bug Glyph (k-5)
 Here was a 3rd graders caterpillar.... I did ask him how old he thought he was! :)

Another thing that we did to learn about different insects was we had 
"Bug News Network"

I bought a microphone from the Dollar Spot. 
Then I took parts of Deanna's unit and cut up the facts. 
I put the facts in these Ziploc bags.

Then I had the children be the reporters and they read the facts.
I put them on post it notes, so I didn't have to make 6 charts each day!
When the child read the fact, I put up the post-it note.

I bought these adorable backpacks at Goodwill (at different times) and we pulled out the facts out of the bags instead of the ziploc bags.

When we read the mantis facts, they got to wear the mantis on their finger.

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