Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Living and Non- Living

Check out her plans HERE so you too can get your very own copy

 We re-created this chart in our Science Logs.

I made a big one on my easel.

I went around and asked the students each individual question- did you notice that one of my froglets said "kids" don't need food??? Wow!  was their an uproar!!!

We read this book and then I called children up and they pointed to something and asked the other froglets if it was alive or not.

I try to make boring items, a little less boring.  So Instead of just making two lists, I had them outline something alive and something not.

After the K-1 and I read the book, we sorted these in the pocket chart.

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Lindart said...

Lots of living things don't move (ie-trees, coral, etc)I use "can they make new living things? Can the car have baby cars? Can the Flower make new flowers?"