Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nutrition and Food Pyramid

A while back I got these materials- one would think maybe I should use them!!!

I got this pyramid at

We found A-Z fruits with the 3-5.
We brainstormed them together in K-2:

Next time I teach this, I will use a grape drawing and add other fruits!

When we talked about dairy. I drew a cow and the fifth graders helped me by coloring it!
(how did I not take a photo of this????)
Good thing the students ROCKED!!!!!!

(So here is a little funny- I said to draw a 'fat' cow, so 
that there would be enough room to write all of 
our ideas. So at the end, the student and I did have a little giggle
when I realized what she wrote!

On our last day, I drew a rocket ship graphic- well that is what it looked like to us!
I started with drawing most of a kite, but not meeting at the bottom.
It was too difficult to make it a 3D thing.
Here is K's:
We did it all together.

Here is the first graders (We did it all together)

Here is what we did together with the second graders. 
I am even getting better drawing by here! Yes I did 3 of them!

I drew the rocket ship for the 2nd graders, but 3-5th drew their own.
We also talked about that they needed 60 minutes of exercise each day-
they needed to decide what they were going to do for 60 minutes.

We sang this song:

 First line you insert the child's name and the other lines, the child picks a veggie and everyone sings it.


Kristen said...

I love your charts! I think I really need to practice making mine over and over again, they're pretty dull, haha! I love how colorful and organized yours are, thanks for sharing :)

Mrs. Saoud said...

Your lessons are great! Thanks for sharing.